Rajasthani Camel Trader at Pushkar Cattle Fair.

Rajasthan means forts & havelis, desert, puppets, camels, colourfully attired women and men folks with attractive turbans of different styles. But there is a lot more to Rajasthan than those typical photos on tourism brochures. Taurus takes you to simply on a magical journey and there’s a lot more magic away from the established tourism circuits, a lot more than what a tourist experiences. We prove that Rajasthan is indeed, incredible. The sky in this region offers dramatic changes and opportunities for photographer to capture the drama – sunset can be as if some artist has painted or coloured with volcanic fire at the horizon at sunset time.

Its photographer’s delight to see women in groups huddled together in multi-color sarees. And they are always at their fashionable best, bright pink, florescent green, sea blue; you name it, they are wearing it. Men folk with

In spite of the harsh living conditions, under the colorful ghunghats (veil) of women and twirls of turbans and moustaches of men folks lays smile and they charm you with their love, laughter and zest for life.

Some of the highlights of Rajasthan – known for colour and valour, are given below. Its been the most favorite destination in India for the international tourist circuits. It has plenty for everyone, but still there are areas which are UNEXPLORED where tourism infrastructure has not been developed and are still pristine and delight for those who love being away from touristy crowds and relax to rejuvenate in the lap of nature.

Taurus next to Sands Dunes, no tourists around, imagine the pleasure


We offer Holidays in Rajasthan for the following:

  • Family
  • Group of Friends
  • Couples
  • Cyclists
  • Photographers
  • Birders


  • Experience authentic Rajasthan
  • Holiday with TAURUS – most unique infrastructure in the industry for outdoor life.
  • Experience the most luxurious Nomadic Lifestyle
  • Best FAMILY HOLIDAYS to enhance ‘family Bonding’
  • Expeditions shall be escorted by Capt Suresh Sharma.
  • Photography tips by Capt Suresh Sharma and his company are priceless
  • Best holidays for group of friends
  • Experience the best San Dunes
  • Old architecture of Havelis and Forts
  • Rich culture
  • Rural India at its best
  • Rajasthani Cuisine
  • No burden of check-in check-out everyday
  • Experience the best SILENCE & SOLACE
  • Vast open landscape
  • Roadside photography opportunities at its best
  • BILLION STAR NIGHT … an unforgettable experience
  • Moonlit Night during moon phase … lifetime experience
  • Land of crimson red sunrise and sunset
  • Unique road journey through scantily inhabited areas
  • Small town charm
  • Best opportunities for astrophotography
  • Camel Safari (where mentioned in itinerary)
  • Desert National Park  (where mentioned in itinerary)
  • Experience The Thar Desert
  • Meet and greet the soldiers at Indo-Pak Border Post (where mentioned in itinerary)
  • Mollycoddle your soul like never before.

    Best Family Holidays for those who love Outdoors and Nature 

Firework Display over the famous Umaid Palace on special occasion.

Morning Tea and Private Sunrise worth any price-tag and words 

Exclusive Camel Safari in private setting in wilderness

Taurus next to pristine Sand Dunes, without touristy crowds, in Jaisalmer area.