Workation & Staycation

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Best Workation and Staycation set up is with us – high quality of hygiene, safe for single/ solo women and girls, camp changes spots so you don’t get bored of the same place. Managed by Capt Suresh Sharma who is a Veteran of the Indian Army and has experience of outdoor life of four decades.

solo girl enjoying nomadic lifestyle holidays with nature to enjoy outdoors and wilderness.

We host solo girl travellers and single women who love to be with nature to enjoy outdoors and wilderness. Capt Suresh Sharma ensures the quality by being himself at the camp as main host.

Safe Workcation 

 Static yet Nomadic … Rustic yet Aristocratic!

Work and Vacation is a new normal for corporates to offer “workation” to their employees to break away from the monotony of their rooms and homes and travelling to other destinations to work and enjoy inbuilt holidays as well. Workation, staycation, bubble travel, revenge travel, etc. are the terms which mushroomed post first lockdown caused by Corona. To curb the spread of Corona most of the companies decided to let employees work from home. Working from within the four walls of your home for long periods of time can be a test of anyone’s patience and domestic logistics. And the main concern is where is the safe workation for single women, solo girl travelers, solo females. 

Enjoy Best of Both Worlds at our

Roving Camp 

We take care of the nagging logistics for offbeat holidays and create an atmosphere of excitement and fun too. 

Here is a unique conceptual infrastructure where you can indulge in that change of  “work from home” WFH venue, yet stay connected and someone takes care of the teething problems of working and managing daily logistics. Best is we ensure physical distance (Social Distancing) at our “camp that changes spots” by default of the design of our infrastructure (Taurus & Trailers).


  • With limited seats, you don’t feel cramped at our camp. 
  • Idyllic offbeat locations and we change spots within the location and that saves your time and still experience change of view.
  • Freshness offered by Mother Nature.
  • With plenty of “social distancing” you don’t have to wear a mask at our camp, it gives your lungs 100% oxygen.
  • Fresh air loaded with oxygen in abundance.
  • Homely food with personal touch.
  • Best SOPs for hygiene, we bet none can emulate us in India.
  • Unfold pleasant surprise to your business counterparts while making video calls – the unique infra and locations make a big impact – this can impress your clients, half the battle is won in one stroke.
  • Experience luxury and workcation “safe from Corona” – truly nomadic yet static, rustic yet aristocratic.
  • Best experience you can get for an offbeat outdoor stay. 
  • Book a Camping Trailer for yourself as your stand alone accommodation – and we can organize a dedicated domestic help/ servant for you to take care of your personal routine while working.
  • We focus on delivering a higher standard of experiential workation and staycation. 
  • We encourage and support the local economy, provide employment and give training to local caretakers so they can have their own business set up in future.
  • Our legendary do-nothing vacations have now evolved to look after the working soul’ who is looking for a change of scene. 
  • INTERNET: Since there is no overload on the local network, cell phones get excellent internet. In case you need a high speed internet once in a while then we have installed a fiber optics connection in a rented house and you can access it. 
  • At our camp you can stay connected to work while enjoying expansive green views and wilderness, the quietness and the symphony of the resident birds. Our infrastructure is ideal for your professional needs as well as winding down after a long day.
  • Relax, detox, unwind, rejoice and rejuvenate in real and not in reels!
safe workation for women girls workcation offbeat staycation with camping trailers caravan campervan motorhome nomadic unique experiential himachal. 

We offer the best “offbeat workation” for single/ solo women and girls in India – and most unique, exhilarating for those who love Nature and quiet places around Pong Dam reservoir area. Imagien this – enjoying peaceful place with total comfort where your logistics are taken care for stay and food by a passionate team.


  • We offer and organise light games i.e. croquet, golf putting mat, table games, etc.
  • Local cuisine.
  • Safaris – sunrise, leopard at night, rural spin, etc.
  • Join hands for nature conservation efforts, etc.
  • Activities to support locals – cleaning up spots, tree plantation, programs at local school.
  • Medical camp to provide basic health and medical advice for young girls.
  • Hygiene education for locals.
  • You have your own compact world and still have the whole sky for yourself.
  • Get up to an amazing view with the most mesmerising sunrise and cup of tea, take a walk and try a yoga session on your own and a meditation session.  
  • Educate people about snakes and snakebite first aid.
  • We organise weekend parties for the guests who are on workation with us.
  • Guests are welcome to offer brief workshops on their area of expertise which can help local community.


Infra is designed by a team of family members who are hard core outdoor living enthusiasts with experience of four decades – lead by Captain Suresh Sharma (Indian army veteran) who has seen battle action and lived outdoors under tough conditions while working on wildlife films and research projects. Sukhmani and Chirag have seen and travelled in caravans from the day they arrived on this planet. Hospitality and skills to design outdoor infra is in their DNA. Since its owned and operated by a team of family members it is by all means the safest place for women, single girls, solo female travelers.

motorhome camping trailers in himachal for offbeat locations with nature camp corona safe holiday social distancing pong dam.

Caravan and Camping Trailers make it a CAMP THAT CHANGES SPOTS and offers holidays in wilderness with comforts. It’s deployed every year from October to March.


Our roving camp –  “CAMP THAT CHANGES SPOTS” is unique in every respect and provides a comfortable stay and food at offbeat locations, with other facilities needed for workation.

We have one overland truck called Taurus, two camping trailers, one trailer tent, etc. We have well equipped kitchen onboard Taurus and trailers too have their own kitchenettes where on can cook own food too.

We provide you electricity back up (with solar and a small genset) provide you a table and chair set up. Best chairs, tables (light weight to shift around on your own also). 

Features & Facilities

  • Other than the lap of Mother Nature we ensure your basic needs are met for stay and food at a camp that is capable of changing spots to break the monotony of staying at the same spots for longer period especially while on workation/ workcation and staycation.
  • We also have safari trailer, light games, kitchen, field kitchen kit for guest to try their own culinary skills, etc.


We offer you an atmosphere to ensure a much-needed break from boredom and stress. We can help you coordinate your needs for any weekend excursions if you wish at any point of time at our camp.

At Dadasiba (around Pong Dam reservoir) there is a family run bakery nearby – neat and clean, in case one wants a change to eat something different and support the local economy. They serve fresh pizza, cakes, pastries, mok-mok (momos), patties, etc.

Do call and make your enquiries before booking.


  • Pong Dam area in Himachal – November to March.
  • Barot Valley in Himachal March to October.
offbeat workation holidays for senior citizens in wilderness with caravan campervan nomadic unique experience himachal.

Our Camp is suitable for the workation and staycation for “senior citizens” too who have basic fitness. Its around Pong Dam reservoir in Himachal Pradesh.

workation for couples women girls workcation offbeat staycation with camping trailers caravan campervan motorhome nomadic unique experiential himachal.      

Senior citizens as a couple enjoying an exhilarating outdoor workation and staycation around Pong Dam reservoir while their daily needs are taken care of our passionate team lead by Capt Suresh Sharma himself.

workation for women girls workcation offbeat staycation with camping trailers caravan campervan motorhome nomadic unique experiential himachal. 

Best and most safe Workation and Holidays for women and girls in Himachal Pradesh around Pong Dam reservoir.

Young boys enjoying workation workcation around pong dam reservoir as offbeat staycation in wilderness with camping trailers caravan RV campervan motorhome nomadic unique experiential holiday himachal.

Workation for the young men can’t get better than this, that’s for sure especially for those who love outdoors.

motorhome camping trailers himachal for offbeat workation locations safe for single women and solo girls with nature camp corona safe social distancing.

Workation and Staycation for women travelling solo. Our guests who were on their workation with us are sitting inside their camping trailer (named as Praying Mantis)

family enjoying workation and staycation at motorhome camping trailers himachal for offbeat locations with nature camp corona safe social distancing at Pong Dam.

It’s the best family staycation and workation in India for those who love nature and outdoors. Unique and special in every respect. Our guests have called it 5 to 7 Star of outdoors.