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Taurus is the most elaborate RV (recreational vehicle) in India as of now – the campervan camping – was anchored on the riverbanks of Raavi near Madhopur, Pathankot, (Punjab, INDIA). It offers the best experiential outdoor holidays.

Holidays to genuinely rejuvenate with `quality time’ in the lap of nature, with comfort of good quality, away from humdrums of life of concrete jungle and to produce beautiful photographs, come at a price. There always seems to be a compromise too; hotel comfort at the cost of location opportunity and/or location opportunity at the cost of hotel comfort. Why not both at the same time and place?

And remember, nothing comes free and quality comes at a price, its the participant on our programs who has to pay the cost; whether you pay in advance or pay later at the time of availing any service as per your itinerary.

With our experience of 29 years in the tourism/ hospitality, we learnt that there are many activities which are not undertaken by everyone, so we have kept these optional and to be paid if consumed or availed, basically to ensure that guests save their money.

To enjoy your program you need to have complete faith in us

Camp is run as “self-service”. Though, we set up everything.

Promotional Tariff

Basically, to promote the cause of the green (nature conservation) and this new concept of CAMP THAT CHANGES SPOTS for outdoor Holidays for the Indians, the tariff  has Special Offers.

Packages are available from Rs 15,00 to Rs 15,000 per person per night, depends on the combination facilities, region, number of days, number of persons in a group, etc.

  • Our tariff cannot be ascertained or evaluated or fixed on per day basis, which is easier to do in case of a hotel or any static infrastructure (resorts and camps). Being a mobile camping, tariff differs from area to area, route to route even in the same region and same month. It’s very expensive to run and maintain this infrastructure – wear and tear costs a lot, tolls tax, other taxes, general service of the vehicle, salaries, rent of locations, fixed and variable, etc. And many other invisible expenses.
  • Exact tariff for each itinerary is either mentioned alongwith it or you may call/ WhatsApp +91-9888 380386      +91-6280 595008, based on the area and route.
  • We also offer one night stay onboard Taurus and Trailers in our static camping (when Taurus doesn’t move) Package includes stay onboard Taurus and food from the kitchen of Taurusunless clearly specified otherwise. 
  • Hired transport for excursions is either extra or included in some of the packages, it will be mentioned clearly with your itinerary.
  • We have different tariff plans ‘all inclusive’ and ‘limited’ (with basic tariff for the basic needs), which are mentioned in ‘What is Included’ and ‘What is Not Included’ with each program.
  • Single Supplement is applicable.

Tariff has been meticulously calculated to cater for almost all your needs and comforts during your program with us.


These programs are all inclusive, with extra items and unlimited for the following:

  • Indian eg food (morning tea/ breakfast, lunch, soup, dinner).
  • Morning evening tea/ coffee, snacks.
  • Beverages (packaged juices, aeriated drinks).
  • Safaris.
  • Barbecue (veg and non-veg).
  • Transport travel,  as per the prescribed program details, veg barbecue,  camel ride and safari (where possible), local transport for shopping, excursions, if time and circumstances permit then a photo session for the guests, unlimited service from the kitchen, etc.
  • All basic needs are taken care but with a certain limit to facilities and activities which doesn’t cut corners on quality.
  • We have only removed the extra frills to bring down the tariff of the holiday.
  • It suffices for the experience and one won’t need to look at one’s pocket to pay again while being on the program/ tour/ holiday, except any expenses at the facilities other than Taurus.
  • Basic tariff and basic camp needs to ensure it suits those who love ‘soft adventure’ and fits into the budget/ pockets of those who like to have very basic needs on outdoor holidays.
  • So you  “pay as used/ as consumed” basis.
  • Basically, to let you exercise your choices and save your money for the undesired items and activities.

Your comfort is our concern! 


Considering the nature of our operations for being a unique kind of tourism product/ infrastructure which demands lots of investment of time, effort and money. It’s very tough and demanding in all respects of operations, where our expenses are incurred much before the commencement of your expedition/ holiday. This is our standard policy which is applicable to all our programs/ expeditions. In case, there is any change to this policy, we shall mention along with your itinerary/ program.

And the tariffs quoted on website or through e-mails will be applicable to your holiday program under ideal conditions, any expenses arising because of bad weather, any technical failures, and things beyond our control, will be charged extra and to be paid before check-out on the last day of your itinerary. 

  1. Booking is 100% confirmed with 100% advance payment (non-refundable under all circumstances, though we do offer special ‘credit note’ under some special circumstances mentioned below) as ‘retainer fee’ as per the dates mentioned with programs and itineraries, either through e-mails or mentioned with each itinerary.
  2. And must understand about this concept in detail before booking your program/holiday. Not having read these terms and other related information on our website is no excuse for your expectations, which could be outside the purview of your itinerary/ program.
  3. Please read PRE-BOOKING INFORMATION carefully to ensure you don’t come with skewed perceptions, assumptions and your own expectations which are outside the purview of our stipulated terms.
  4. Children below 3 years will be treated as our guests (won’t get extra seat, tent or berth – will sleep with parents), 4 years and above will be @ 75% of the tariff (will have to share seat and accommodation with parents), 5 years and above will be at full tariff and will be entitled for full seat/accommodation and same food as parents (not any special diet). If any special dietary is needed, then it will be arranged by the parents. We may charge extra for special diet if needed.
  5. Discounted tariff for children is with a valid proof of ‘date of birth’.
  6. A certain degree of respect and care (for the physical fatigue of the crew) has to be extended by all participants collectively and in personal capacity towards the crew of Taurus and anyone else associated with the operations of the holiday/expedition. It’s not that you have paid and you could demand your own ways and be disrespectful to crew and others even in case of any failure in any kind of service.
  7. Size of the Group: max 8-10 participants, unless we specify. If your group is less than 8 participants, then we may book rest of the seats by exercising our choice without any intimation to anyone in the group who have already booked. Otherwise, we may have to increase the tariff to recover the basic common costs of operations.
  8. Any bill for the extra stay at any hotel or camp for bad weather resulting in roadblock or there is delay for any reasons (technical failures of equipment including the breakdown of Taurus) shall be paid by the participants before check out, there won’t be any adjustment or refund in tariff paid for the itinerary.
  9. Please read about your responsibilities while being in our roving camp.
  10. To experience outdoor life/ holidays and tough conditions offered by these regions, where we operate, there are no guarantees where circumstances and weather conditions can change suddenly and we are forced to change our programs abruptly. You are requested to be considerate.
  11. You are given a proposal of the program/ holidays which can be delivered only under ideal conditions and you have to come on our programs with open mind and large heart to cooperate under such conditions.
  12. Stay and travel for any of your assistant, driver, caretaker, helper will be @100% tariff. If they don’t use full facilities then they will be charged for food and the basics.
  13. We don’t like to change our programs to cut corners on our quality, quantity or to save money.
  14. If you need Taurus for astrophotography as a subject lit up then you must discuss this as a group before the tariff has been quoted. It needs lots of effort to set up Taurus as a foreground subject and then sleeping arrangements are done differently.

We insist that please understand this is an outdoor activity and can not be compared with static camping, resort, hotel or restaurant for its food, sleeping and any other comforts. But at the same time it offers a different kind of experience for those souls who love outdoor life and its a luxury for outdoor experience in nomadic style and has no comparison as of now in the tourism industry.

Cancellation/ Refund/ Tariff Adjustment Policy

If your circumstances change (reasons could be any, even sickness and accident) and the payment has been made for the booking of your tour/ holidays program with us as aggregator, should you start feeling to cancel (for any reasons – accident, death, road block, diseases, sickness, weather conditions, political upheaval, terrorism, natural calamities, Corona Pandemic and reasons not mentioned here) your program at any stage, we have a “win win” policy (with our conditional discretion) with following points:

  • Its a different kind of operation than holidays around hotels and static camps, so is our cancellation policy to ensure no one suffers losses (us and clients). Most of your money is exhausted for the preparations for your holidays much in advance.
  • First, you may consider opting for another program/tour/ holiday/ expedition (only if seats are available) dates and place to suit mutually both sides (us and the clients), in that case you lose no money (only handling and administrative charges, money utilised/ spent for the preparations shall be deducted for the previous booking). This option is available 60 days before the commencement date (the day of commencement not counted) of the program/ tour/ holiday/ expedition. As we spend major portion of your payment much before your holiday commences.
  • After a confirmed cancellation (verbal or written), one has to do fresh bookings for the next program or even the same slot (same itinerary and same dates for which booking was done before the cancellation). And the fresh bookings shall be as per the tariff for that particular program which is being sought for the fresh booking, there shall be no reference to the previous tariff (if discounts were offered) in any case.
  • Less than 65 days there is no refund under all circumstances.
  • In case your booking itself was done after 65 days then there is no refund or adjustment in tariff, reasons could be any.
  • In case one wishes to board Taurus on a later date than the scheduled date and the start point mentioned with the itinerary, only with prior intimation, one has to make own arrangements (transport and other needs) to catch up and we shall not hold back the expedition/ program at any point to cause any delays to others. And there shall be no adjustment or refund/ adjustments of any kind for the tariff for the unused portion and the facilities.
  • ‘No show’ on the first day without prior intimation, program/tour shall be deemed as `travelled’ and no refund shall be made and no adjustment of tariff for the next booking whatsoever. And we may offer the seat to any new client in the open market.
  • There shall be no refund or adjustment of tariff for ‘NO SHOW’, for any portion of the tour not done, vacating seat before time for any reasons (sickness, accident, delays, mechanical failures of Taurus, and other unpredictable reasons which may arise later out of any circumstances).
  • In case, any participant is evicted from the camp for one’s personal conduct not conducive to the group or the crew, there shall be no refund or adjustment of tariff. One has to make further travel and stay under own arrangements.
  • Any participant abandoning the expedition/ camp on any grounds or reasons will have to make own arrangements to travel to the nearest hotel/resort/ camp or railway station/ bus station/ airport. There will be no refund or adjustments for the tariff paid for the unused portion of the expedition.
  • Broadly its NO REFUND policy as we would have exhausted the major portion of the payment made by you, much before the commencement of your holiday; except the fresh veggies. Otherwise we buy most of the stuff from Chandigarh itself before setting out to the regions of operations (Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Kutch Gujarat). Also, before the start of each season and region, we invest quite a bit of money for getting our Overland Truck ready (technical inspection, preventive maintenance, spares) for journey on tough terrains, salaries, rent for locations, etc.
  • In case of any dispute, the judicial jurisdiction will be Chandigarh/ Panchkula.
  • Considering the safety of the crew and clients during the Corona Pandemic, when situation gets risky, we will have the discretion to postpone your holidays and adjust major part of the tariff towards the booking of next slot and location, mutually agreed upon. We will not be responsible for any kind of losses (loss of job, money, travel expenses, loss of leave, etc.) and there will be no compensations.

Applicable only if cancellation is before 65 days. And it is completely at the discretion of Green Dot Expeditions, based on various factors. Any kind of pressure through emotional and unprofessional emails won’t be appreciated and entertained. If cancellation is done because of medical emergencies, any political upheaval or riots, in that case we may consider issuing a CREDIT NOTE, which means that after deducting the costs of administrative/ logistical efforts, cost of bookings of hotels/ transport or any other facilities and logistical expenses already incurred for the preparation of the expedition, we may accommodate for rest of the money paid for the booking, and by paying the difference of the tariff of the fresh tour/ expedition if dates are available otherwise whenever possible for both sides (participants and Green Dot Expeditions). It’s a special gesture from our side to our participants to ensure the prevention of any monetary loss towards tariff only, not a legal binding or obligation for GDE. But we shall not be responsible for any kind of other losses i.e. job loss, leave, cost of flight, loss of baggage, family dispute, medical issues and any other expenses incurred by the participants before or after the tour. Cancellation because of bad weather/ flights/ road blocks is not considered part of this special gesture, its a ‘no-show’. For we would have invested the money paid for the preparation of the program/expedition. And NO SHOW on our trips is non-refundable and no adjustments of any kind.

  • We will be doing extensive photography (photos and video) while your holidays are unfolding with us. This will become part of our promotional material which can be used by us and our associates for our internet presence through various means i.e. website, social media platforms of all kinds.
  • If any guest doesn’t want to be part of our photography then it should be conveyed to us at the time of the booking.
  • We will make sure we won’t trespass anyone’s privacy while photographing for our promotional material.
  • We request our guests not to post any photo or material on any social media platform or even private circulation to show Taurus in bad light for any reasons, unless it’s proved by a competent authority through a legal process.


  1. On such expeditions and under the given circumstances of the hard conditions of the remote areas, anything can and may fail, may not work as planned or committed for any reasons.
  2. But you must have faith in us that the best possible shall be done by our crew to resolve any issues.
  3. We don’t cut corners on quality with intentions to save money or effort. In case something goes wrong, there are no compensations/ adjustments for the tariff paid, of any kind for any equipment failure or natural hurdles, political upheaval, medical emergencies or disasters.
  4. It’s On The Move Camping” which shall have various constraints for resource, material, space, time and manpower. Its extra comfortable for outdoor life but still can not be compared with any home or hotel comforts i.e. wide beds, lawns, bathrooms with hot-showers, waiters, heaters, elaborate menus, etc.
  5. The concept of this kind of holiday is very clearly explained through images and text on this website. Anyone who understands the outdoor with basic wisdom shall be able to anticipate about the life Taurus offers. We are not responsible for your ignorance about any aspect of our programs and facilities.
  6. Green Dot Expeditions shall not be responsible for any kind of medical issues or injuries (it’s a holiday with outdoor activity), accidents, damages of any kind or losses (money, job, insult of any kind) caused by public unrest, riots, terrorist activities, labour unrest, mechanical or construction failures of Taurus The Truck or any kind of difficulties arising during the itinerary, diseases, local laws, climatic/ weather conditions, any kind of abnormal conditions or developments, or any other actions, omissions, or conditions outside our purview or that of our travel agents or partner’s control.
  7. We are coordinators for your holiday program/ expeditions and hold no guarantee of any kind under any circumstances; as long as our intent is honest to offer the best within our means.
  8. We expect and understand that before booking our program, you must have read and understood the details of the product and all the details related to your program/expedition and terms before booking.
  9. If you miss any details given on our this very website by the act of ignorance, paucity of time, being casual or lazy, won’t be taken as reason for any change in the standard terms and conditions applicable to your program with us or blame us for anything.

Weber Grill deployed on the Banks of Indus River, Ladakh

Weber Grill deployed on the Banks of Indus River, Ladakh

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