Extra Tariff

Though our tariff is highly ‘all inclusive’ for the general needs of our guests, but there are still few things which have to be outside the purview of the ‘basic tariff’ in effort to save your money where you may exercise your own choice and pay as you consume.


Following activities are not part of any packages mentioned on our website and if desired by our guests then these are to be booked much in advance or else on the spot as per availability.

  • Extra Camel Rides: In some itineraries we have included one camel rides for the sunset as part of the package, if you wish to enjoy more then we may be able to organise if available.
  • Camel Safari: Its organized only for some expeditions. If you wish we can organise as optional activity at extra cost to be paid in advance.
  • Cultural program We may organise a local cultural folk music evening at extra cost, if asked for at the time of booking, depends on availability. If asked to arrange on the same day, then whatever is available and there is no way to ensure that would be up to your expectations. Quality of such troop of folk artists to your expectations is no guarantee.

Single Supplement 

  1. Supplement Applicable: Our accommodation and seating is allotted on rotational basis which means one day you may get single occupancy tent and next day double occupancy. If you wish to ensure accommodation based on single occupancy or double, there is extra charge.
  2. Taxis: Taxis wherever needed are provided on sharing basis. If you wish to get an exclusive taxi for yourself then its paid by you directly, without any kind of adjustment in tariff or refund for not availing the clubbed one.
  3. Camel Rides for sunset or for any purpose are on twin sharing basis. If one wants an exclusive camel for oneself only then Single Supplement is applicable, without any adjustments in the tariff.
  4. Seats inside Taurus while travelling from one destination to another are on rotational basis and on ‘first come first serve’ basis.

Extra from the Kitchen 

We do our best to ensure that you are well pampered and fed with care and warmth and nothing is wanted more. But sometimes one may have desire to have extra (soup, tea/coffee, juice, hot snacks, packaged snacks, a bottle of juice, fresh fruit on prior demand at the time of booking, etc.). Considering the constraints of ‘on the move camping’ and the tough conditions, however we may offer to serve you extra, if time and circumstances permit. These will be considered under two tariff plans ‘all inclusive’ and ‘limited’ for extra billing.

We may be able to offer barbeque (as an extra activity at extra cost, without any adjustment in the bill of the tariff) at certain locations when we are static for more than a night else on the last day or first day.