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Taurus is a unique design and one of its kind, which can be  copied and reproduced easily but the culture onboard Taurus which is nurtured by Capt Suresh Sharma himself is hard to emulate.


Capt Suresh Sharma 

Capt Suresh Sharma is the right choice for outdoor holidays and nomadic overlanding, born and trained as bushman to understand outdoor survival – with 6 years of army service as combat soldier, 18 months of fierce action as IPKF soldier, 20 years of caravaning, 28 years of tourism, pioneer of caravan tourism in India, stint with wildlife film production for National Geographic Society, USA, photography for international publications, prestigious coffee table books, nature conservation education for 28 years, self funded the Snake Cell for 22 years to educate people about snakes and snakebite, developed the best wildlife souvenirs in India. 


While you are onboard Taurus, you have the privilege  to meet Capt Suresh Sharma, who has interesting stories to share, as a battle action hardened veteran of the Indian Army, who is a seasoned outdoors man, born bushman. He is a photographer of repute in wildlife and travel photography which has been published widely. A wildlife and nature lover the Captain as he is fondly known. The Captain has a wide range of interests which he will share with you in the field where he blooms – the simple secrets to brighten the experiences of your own Life. A devout ‘family man’, he is warm and affable. And you get to spend ‘quality time’ with the man who has lived life on his terms. He has the most enviable ‘lifestyle’ with experience of almost two decades of caravaning on board ‘self made caravan’ named KINGCOBRA – you will get a glimpse of the secrets on how to lead a life of wonder and joy, envied by the most.

<img src="capt suresh sharma chef of taurus the truck" alt="capt suresh is multi talented cook photographer driver excellent team leader of green dot expeditions">      

Captain in the role of Chef and Driver of Taurus.

You may enjoy the ‘dialogue sessions’ with Captain which will give you a nice glimpse on a spectrum of subjects i.e. photography, camping/outdoors, snakes & snakebite, nature conservation issues, cycling, caravaning, etc.

<img src="capt suresh sharma photographer taurus the truck" alt="capt suresh is multi talented cook photographer driver excellent team leader of green dot expeditions for best offbeat photo tours">   

Capt Suresh Sharma leads the best Photo Tours in India

<img src="capt suresh sharma with cobra" alt=" capt suresh educated nature conservation through snakes and snakebite first aid best photo tour in india for snake photography">      

Indian Cobra rescued by Capt Suresh Sharma, as part of his nature conservation efforts in India.

<img src="capt suresh sharma with MiG21" alt=" capt suresh, team leader of green dot expeditions, photographed MiG21 with elinchrom quadra ranger for a coffee table table"> 

Capt Suresh Sharma photographed MiG 21 for a coffee table book, spread over a period of 18 months