Holidays With Billion Stars
A Swiss Army Knife on wheels – that is your TAURUS the Truck to ensure you are pampered thoroughly - a one in a lifetime experience.
Romance in Wilderness to Celebrate Life
LADAKH - lesser explored treasure tucked away in the folds of the high Himalayas. The land of lamas is home to the well-known sects of Buddhism, overwhelming natural beauty beckoning the more intense and adventurous of travelers and photographers ...
Sunset... Dunes... Camels
TAURUS The Truck lets you meander in the “unexplored” wilderness of vast landscape dotted with history, handsome folks, sand dunes, camels, sunsets, forts with velour, havelis and colours …
Explore The Land of Lamas and High Passes ...
TAURUS the Truck offers Gateway to the Tangible Rejuvenation while experiencing ancient civilization and captivating religion and people ...
Abode to Rejuvenate MOTHER NATURE
TAURUS offers 'lifetime opportunity' to be 'one to one' with gigantic mountains, innocent tribal folks, gurgling streams, the majestic Indus in changing moods, artistically crafted barren landscape, religion so kind, pristine culture...

Corona Safe Holidays

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    Safest Holiday Choice

    No.1 in India

    TAURUS is No.1 First choice for Post Corona/ COVID-19 Safe Holidays. Most hygienic and social distancing be default. Secluded and exotic locations away from 'touristy crowd'.Escorted by battle hardened Indian Army Veteran

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    Stay Safe

    from Corona COVID-19

    Consider everybody around you as an asymptomatic carrier of COVID-19 and capable of infecting you. Consider too, that you yourself could be an asymptomatic carrier of COVID-19, capable of infecting all around you. So train yourself, by using all your intelligence to neither get infected nor infect others.

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    4 Golden Rules


    Wear mask at all times. Practice social distancing (at least 6 feet). Sanitize hands on touching any surface. Wash hands frequently (for 20 seconds).M.S.S.W. it!! (Mask, Social Distancing, Sanitize Hands, Wash Hands.)

India's 1st Luxury Roving Camp

New Concept In India

The Best never Rest – Our team has spent a lifetime on wheels and in the outdoors! We have redefined the ‘outdoor experience’ by learning from our experience over the years – Every single piece of equipment and furniture is the best from the market for your comfort.

The power under the hood – Taurus is a full grown handsome camper-mobile with its a muscled body with a well-crafted tough “no nonsense” look, carefully designed for outdoor activities in remote areas.


Taurus is the most elaborate RV in India – hybrid of carvan, campervan, motorhome and overland truck – Mobile Glaming, in fact.
Hotel comfort at the cost of location opportunity and/or location opportunity at the cost of hotel comfort. Why not both at the same time and place?
We organise Private Paradise, like royals and rich, in wilderness at secluded beaches, pristine sand dunes, riverside and lakeside, quiet and serene!


Get Ready – for exciting Holidays in

Offbeat Himachal

Punjab        Himachal