Holidays for Photographers

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Photographers are enjoying ‘landscape photography’ without worrying to reach their hotel, Taurus is their hotel in location wherever they make the evening


Photographers and golfers are frowned at by their wives and friends, as they inadvertently get to overlook their wives and friends; and no one will accept this. So, we have coined this idea to organise “holidays for photographers”, bring your families and friends and enjoy holidaying and you can operate your camera as well whenever opportunity comes. Make your own people happy clicking their photos at such exotic locations and with the most handsome model TAURUS.

Green Dot Expeditions offers personalized outdoor experiences in India for travellers and photographers focusing on photo expeditions/ tours aligned to their creative goals. The photo expeditions are carefully designed for passionate photographers who wish to explore India through their lenses and stay in the lap of Mother Nature. Away from the din of the city life, it is a rejuvenating experience to get an intimate exposure to the natural beauty of this country.

Green Dot Expeditions is committed to organise an infrastructure of quality, which will save  energy, time, effort and money of photographers who wish to explore life and culture of India through their camera with us. Our top priority is to enrich the outdoor experience for travel photographers like never before. Above all, we are here to help photographers to enhance the learning experience, render a platform to hone their skills, and enrich the quality of photography output and happiness.

We make sure that you are comfortably at the right place on the right time, and with the right logistics to support you while you don’t get a time off your viewfinders.

Extraordinary Photo Tours by Green Dot Expeditions. Taurus the Truck offers amazing outdoor experience for photographers, explorers, travellers and for family holidays. Photographer is enjoying a photo session with Bakarwal shepherds, without any worries to reach a hotel. Taurus organised camping here at this spot as photographers were getting amazing photo opportunities. 

Extraordinary Photo Expeditions

Rajasthan    |    Gujarat  Kutch    |    Ladakh    |   Himachal Pradesh   |    Spiti Valley  |   Punjab 

only 8 seats available.
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Outdoor Studio in action


Taurus – The Luxury Overland Truck makes inaccessible places accessible and enhances the output of your cameras, as you and cameras remain ready to shoot with the unique logistical support for travel photographers, especially for those who love to explore.