Gujarat – Kutch

The sand  may blow off
The mud may wash away
The tan may fade
But the memories will last forever 

Rani Ki Vav, Patan (Gujarat, India)

Stretching out into the Arabian Sea, with a pinch of the desert and  warm coastline is Gujarat – famous for its beaches, temple towns and historic capitals, wildlife sanctuaries, hill resorts and natural grandeur are gifts of Gujarat. Sculpture, handicrafts, arts, festivals also make the state culturally rich. Gujarat has very interesting locations – the Jain Temple centers at Palitana and Girnar Hills. Home to  the only habitat of the Asiatic Lions, a desert ride at the Wild Ass Sanctuary and the beautiful Indo-Saracenic Architecture of Ahmedabad. The colourful tribal villages of Kutch make a visit unforgettable.

We offer Holidays in Gujarat for the following:

  • Family
  • Group of Friends
  • Couples
  • Cyclists
  • Photographer
  • Wildlife & Birders

Enjoy blissful private Sunrise at a Beach in Kutch, no tourists at all

Guests are enjoying evening tea and exclusive “private sunset” show at a secluded beach, no touristy crowd

Kutch is an erstwhile princely state of India. It is the largest district of the state of Gujarat and the second largest district in India covering an area of 45,612 sq kms. Kutch State was formed out of the territory of the former princely state of Cutch.

Its original name Kachchh was derived from its geographical shape which virtually has resemblance  with tortoise, ancient literature mentioned this name. It was mostly marsh land or fallow land. The foreign travelers who visited the region had mentioned in various records about the name Kachchh. It was also mentioned in rock inscriptions, copper plate inscriptions, ancient writings and manuscripts.

Kutch is surrounded by seawater. Kutch was also known as the kutchdweep or Kutchbet.” The Great Rann of Kutch” which dominates a major portion of the district. The Great Rann of Kutch and the Little Rann of Kutch respectively-uninhabitable deserts which during the monsoon season (June to October) is often completely submerged by floods.

Here are the holidays available in Kutch


One day experience to spend quality time with your soulmate, friends and family members in wilderness near village Samatra (25 kms from Bhuj city), with the best of logistics from Taurus The Truck. Click here for more details …


3 days/ 2 nights. One night onboard Taurus near Samatra (25 kms from Bhuj), secluded beach (100 kms from Samatra) for 2 days/ 1 nights at Pingleshwar Beach. 4 to 8 persons. Wild crocodiles, wilderness, open fresh-air, tranquility, secluded beach night (imagine a night here with your soulmate). Long walks on the beach where you won’t find anyone in the evening. Taurus as transport, mobile camping for stay and food, all included. Click here for more details …


5 days/ 4 nights. Experience the best of outdoor holidays, arrive at Bhuj, reach village Samatra, camp is 25 kms from Bhuj, rejoice and celebrate life at the secluded beach at Pingleshwar, visit UNESCO Heritage Site – Gurudwara, viewing sunset from the ramparts of Lakhpat Fort is beyond words, its the western most point of landmass of India, drive through the rural Kutch reach Rann of Kutch to witness the magic of White Rann, drop at Bhuj. Transport, food, stay included. Click here to know more…

ARRIVING SOON … Cycling expeditions of 400 kms/ 5 days, in Kutch with logistical support from Taurus. Start at Bhuj, first night halt at 10 kms from Samatra (30 kms from Bhuj), next day Pingleshwar for night stay on the beach, next stop will be Lakhpat Fort and ride to Rann of Kutch. Its an exhilarating experience for those who are passionate about outdoors.

Guest enjoying morning tea under the golden sunrise at a beach, overlooking the waves of the Arabian Sea

Taurus deployed at Pingleshwar beach where there is no touristy crowd.

Crocodiles at a village lake near Bhuj where Taurus anchors to give wildlife experience to guests

Taurus moves to Kutch in winters when its comfortable to host its guests in this less explored region which has rich culture. The people are very warm and docile, its one of the most safest places in India to camp and travel without worries.

PLEASE NOTE: You must read the following links carefully to understand all about the holidays we offer and every aspect of it, what we offer and what we don’t, so you don’t arrive with expectations and which are out of proportion.

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Guest doing morning exercise at sunrise, blissful experience in fresh air, next to a beach

Guest enjoying  private bay-watch … beautiful calm blue water f the Arabian Sea, total peace and tranquility

Taurus anchored on the shores of blue Arabian Sea … Paradise in every sense especially when Taurus offers logistics 

The World Famous Sun Temple, Modhera, Gujarat

Guest enjoying bay-watch and musical orchestra played by the blue water of the Arabian Sea

Guests enjoying watching crocodiles in wilderness

Guest enjoying evening tea at sunset at a beach in Kutch

Guest enjoying morning tea while watching the “Arabian Belly Dance:” by the blue waves of the Sea

World famous heritage site “Rani Ni Vav”

To experience wilderness with total privacy and the best logistical support, Taurus is is the best in the industry

Weber Barbecue Grill deployed on a secluded beach is beyond words.

World famous “Patola Saree” being hand-woven

Rani Ni Vav at Patan has amazing stone work

Guest Photographer enjoying shooting at the Sun Temple, Modhera

Part of a monument at Lakhpat Fort

Taurus deployed in wilderness to experience total privacy

An Old lady watching the evening hustle bustle of the market in Sidhpur, famous for havelis of Bohra Muslims

Young ladies enjoying photo session infront of a haveli in Sidhpur

One of the most famous and elaborate Havelis at Sidhpur

The world famous Sun Temple

Guest enjoying the Sun at the world famous Sun Temple, Modhera

Guests enjoying with Taurus in wilderness

Taurus at Dusk, just few meters from the secluded beach at Pingleshwar 

Guests enjoying our unique tents

Handmade bras utensils at Wadhwan, Gujarat

Tie-dye cloth being produced at Wadhwan, Gujarat

Taurus anchored on the shores of the blue Arabian Sea, just few meters. A delight beyond words.

How about barbecue grill of world class at location like this, exhilarating holidays are made by Taurus, not by touristy destinations

Glimpses of our camp on the banks of a river … the best outdoor camp to experience wilderness in total privacy where romance of two souls flourishes.