Route Map for KTH-03


  • Small groups of 8 persons, rarely upto 10
  • Pingleshwar Beach – without touristy crowd
  • Kutch at its best
  • Rural India
  • Taurus – India’s First Overland Truck
  • Date with Nature
  • Meet the wild crocodiles
  • Glimpses of Rural Gujarati culture
  • Camping with an RV (Recreational Vehicle)
  • Best outdoor holidays
  • Lakhpat Fort UNESCO World Heritage Site – Gurudwara Sahab (Sikh Temple).
  • Best outdoor holidays for couples to romance in wilderness
  • Quality Time for family members
  • Best of selfie spots

Guest enjoying evening tea at sunset at a beach in Kutch

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  • Stay aboard Taurus as shown in photos, on twin sharing basis as well as single occupancy.
  • Indian vegetarian camp food (one egg preparation)
  • Morning/ evening tea with biscuits or evening tea with hot snacks, if weather permits.
  • Camping chairs, sleeping bags to sleep.


  1. Pick up and drop.
  2. Journey from home to the camp and back.
  3. Non veg food
  4. Any meal/ snack/ beverages consumed outside Taurus, or while travelling or on excursions
  5. Beverages of all kinds, other than provided from the kitchen of Taurus.
  6. Escorts, porters and guides
  7. Hotel stay at Bhuj
  8. Any extra expenses caused by local political upheaval, bad weather, sickness.
  9. Extra transport for excursions/ shopping
  10. Medical support of any kinds, expenses related to any evacuation for medical emergencies.
  11. Insurances of all kinds
  12. Anything which is not mentioned in the list WHAT IS INCLUDED.

TARIFF: Since Taurus is a “mobile camping” and locations change with season and the programs offered. Our costing works very differently. You will have to appreciate the tough handling of operations of Taurus and the costs involved (road tax, state entry tax, annual tax, annual passing fee, toll tax, wear/tear of equipment, investment, salaries, quality equipment for kitchen and camping).

Please call for the exact tariff +91-9888 380386, +91-6280 595008


  • Enjoy wilderness and fresh air
  • Light strolls in wilderness
  • Private sunset from the rooftop of Taurus
  • Tea Ritual: for those whose love their cup of morning tea
  • Nature at its best
  • Crocodiles at the village lake
  • Rural India


The following activities are arranged with advance notice and extra advance payment.

  • Picnic lunch by the locals.
  • Barbecue
  • Local cuisine

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Wild Crocodiles at Village Lake

Taurus deployed less than hundred meters from a secluded beach