The Kitchen

Kitchen in the Evening in Ladakh

Man instinctively loves nature and its elements but gets used to some basic comforts in life. Taurus is all about taking you to those places where you may commune with Nature and still have some amount of basic comforts, we call them necessities.

Though outdoor and nomadic life means to live frugal with basic resources. But it seems we at Green Dot Expeditions have gone overboard while designing and equipping the kitchen for Taurus. Probably its the most well equipped outdoor kitchen for a mobile camping unit of this kind called ‘OVERLAND TRUCK’.

Taurus has the most elaborate outdoor kitchen and unique in the entire industry for ‘on the move camping’, to serve wholesome food.

Breakfast Time

The kitchen has been designed considering fire & safety, food smell and of course its main purpose is to enhance the experience of outdoor life so it is placed at the rear of the Truck and opens outside. Basically idea is to give you nice healthy food and add value and charm to your holidays. We strongly believe that it may not be elaborate food but it does matter.

We carry good quality and branded food items, no compromise on that, unless circumstances compel us in rural areas. Inspite of being the most well equipped outdoor kitchen for an ‘on the move camping’, it can’t be compared to a restaurant kitchen.

View of The Kitchen onboard Taurus.

Features at a Glance:

  • Complete body of the kitchen is made of stainless steel.
  • Three high pressure industrial burners.
  • Quality cookware for outdoor kitchen
  • Quality kitchen tools.
  • We have lots of value additions with carefully selected kitchen appliances and dining – whistling kettles, air-pots, thermos, personal thermoses, plates and bowls etc.
  • We strongly believe that the quality of the food directly depends on the materials (ingredients) used.
  • Outdoor tables to serve food.
  • Compact yet very nice and unique ‘buffet display’
  • Weber’s Barbecue Grill, the best in the world. Which we offer on some occasions i.e. static camping, moving at slow pace, special celebrations, etc. Its so much of fun enjoying barbeque on the sand-dunes and on the river banks.

    Weber Grill deployed on the Banks of The River Indus, Young Guest enjoying all by himself.

    Weber Grill Deployed as Part of Kitchen of Taurus in Kashmir

    Weber Grill Deployed as Part of Kitchen of Taurus in Kashmir

    Weber’s Grill deployed on the banks of the famous River Indus in Ladakh

    Weber Barbecue Grill Deployed on the river banks of Indus

    Weber is the best international brand of Grills and Barbeques