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Caravan holidays are going to be most favorite for Indian travellers now, especially who love outdoors. India’s best RV, most well equipped recreational vehicle, hybrid overland truck with features of caravan, campervan, motorhome, etc. Offers the most exhilarating outdoor vanlife in India.

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GREEN DOT EXPEDITIONS supports the cause of the green and sustainable tourism in India. Green Dot Expeditions aims to fill the vacuum of tourism industry to render real outdoor travel experience with caravan and campervan/ RV holidays, so far it was completely missing. And vanlife experiential vacation for the young and the passionate photographers and travellers, who feel deprived about the tangible experience, as there are only `make shift’ arrangements in the industry to offer outdoor and photo tours, so far. Till Corona made us learn about caravan/ RV holidays,  outdoor traveller had to settle either in a permanent camp or lug his own basic camping equipment around, which kills time and energy; one can not have energy to enjoy photography and nature after such energy consuming self-camping.

We organise invigorating expeditions for you with India’s best overland expedition vehicle – TAURUS; experience that will rejuvenate you. With us you will get to explore and photograph a lot more than own efforts or routine `photo tours’ of the industry. We offer the most exhilarating family holidays for bonding while spending quality time. And our romantic vacation for couples is an experience beyond words.

Value Proposition

We are passionate about our profession and its not being pursued like any other business. We organise the most exciting outdoor holidays which only royal and rich could afford before the advent of Taurus, all in wilderness at secluded and exotic locations where nature abounds. We organise logistical support right at the location (grab hot cup of tea with snacks in the middle of nowhere while romancing or your photo shoot). Green Dot Expeditions will provide travel, stay and food – all on the move at the real time locations, as one unit; no need to “check-in and check-out” often, no worries of loosing precious equipment in taxis and hired buses. We replicate army’s fighting column, you are getting all the support required to perform as a photographer, right there at location in the middle of action.

We take care of all the hassles which bug outdoor travellers and photographers, apart from the logistics and management of time. Green Dot Expeditions will also have Capt Suresh Sharma (our team leader) on board on most of the expeditions, who will take you to the right spot, at the right time and always be there to ensure you get good photo opportunity, which will enhance your experience and output manifold. The locations are selected after lots of work on ground.

Almost similar kind of vehicles are being operated by numerous tour companies in the West and Africa but are far basic than Taurus in terms of facilities. You will, however, be pleased to know that the design team of Green Dot Expeditions is spending extra time fine-tuning the design of our overland truck in a manner which is befitting of our passionate and spirited guests. We assure you that none of the overland trucks  globally emulates Taurus in comfort and care.

The work culture at Green Dot Expeditions is to ‘Go the Extra Mile’ for everything, to ensure that our guests enjoy every bit of the time spent in the field with us.

Explore your soul, with us!


Our Team | Our Philosophy | Our Social Obligations | Supporting a Cause |

History of Our Concept | Media Coverage  |

<img src="campervan offbeat riverside camp barbecue.jpeg" alt="campervan family vacation overlanding holiday onboard overland truck with weber barbecue grill in wilderness at sunset sunrise caravan and campervan for best for family road trip in India">  

Caravan/ RV/ campervan holidays offer the best for outdoor holidays. Taurus hosting family of guests on the riverbed of the River Raavi, Punjab. Its the most elaborate Rv recreational vehicle in India and its hybrid of caravan, campervan, overland truck, motorhome.

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