We take pride in displaying our Trophies we got in return from our guests – for the hospitality we extended and the care we took of everyone! 

I have travelled onboard Taurus with Captain Suresh Sharma and both time I came back with some amazing pictures and portraits. He went out of the way to make us comfortable even when the weather was playing around . He ensures safety and comfort through the stay. He has style I should say ..my wife who travelled with me admired his collection of crockery which he laid out every day for Breakfast and Dinner .

Our experience in Leh and Ladakh was special because we were able to stop at some real exotic locations along the way. It was luxury to be served fresh cooked food with variety in a remote location.

I am looking forward to my next expedition with Green Dot Expeditions.

Shankar Subramanian

Taurus a boon for Adventure lovers. I am happy I planned my Ladakh trip with capt. Suresh Sharma and Taurus as it turned out better then I expected.

1) Taurus, Its a overland truck fabricated over eicher chasis which as 8 front facing seats with Windows so one can do photography even when we are on move.

2) Inhouse kitchen from which capt. fed us like anything. He has kept every small detail in mind while setting menu which was very lavish and hygenic.

3) tents 4 ppl can sleep at top and 4 on sides enjoying view of sunrise and natural surroundings in night.

4) selection of night halts was excellent and well planned.

5) the phototour to meeru village was a great learning experience for me.

I can say lot about Taurus and its team but to sum up capt. Sharma is a man with eye for finer details and he has done a very good job in putting up this expedition. He is always ready to help and assist his team members in whatever way he can.All of us enjoyed a lot and saw the real ladakh which one cannot see with traditional tours.

I will definitely do many more trips with capt. Sharma.

Vikram Jain

"Fascinated by the cultures and traditions of Sikh warriors, we planned to visit Holla Mohalla. The trip couldn't have been better without Green Dot Expeditions. Flexible Schedule, homely atmosphere, awesome food and Captain’s navigation was waiting for us. Captain’s personal assistance and care was the motto that allowed us a hassle free shoot. The food contained during the trip was of utmost quality and variety. Accommodation was equally well taken care off. When back from shoot late night, the discussions helped me learn many important tips of travel photography. Would love to be at Holla Mohalla with Green Dot next year."

Bireswar Pati
I am sharing my experience of being on the Maiden journey of Taurus in Nov last year. I came to know about Capt. Sharma and his ambitious project Taurus through a common friend. There were two main reasons which made me decided to board Taurus - 1st. Captain Sharma's inspiring story as how he went about following his dream against all odds. I visited his facebook page and was impressed by his simplicity, honesty and strong drive and ambition and of course his massive fan following. 2nd. I have never ever experienced travelling in an Over Land Truck ever before so the adventurer in me got all excited and charged up. The entire trip was for 10 days starting from Pushkar and culminating in Jaisalmer. I was not aware of the detailed itenary as it was a Test and Trail trip for Taurus so every day was full of excitement and new discoveries. As Captain Sharma believes in under promising and over delivering. Taurus is equipped with all the facilities, high class equipment's and an amazing kitchen which makes any journey very comfortable for all those who love and are used to outdoor travel and life. We travelled in the interiors of Rajasthan and visited less travelled and unknown but amazing places. Spending a night under a starlit sky in complete silence is an experience I will never forget. I experienced the RURAL LIFE first hand when we were invited by a local Camel Trader from Pushkar to his village, the personal interaction with BSF people working in harsh conditions, enjoying the hospitality and unconditional support of Indian army and sharing interesting conversations about life with capt. Sharma has made his trip an unforgettable one for me. I love travelling because more than seeing new places, meeting new people, exploring local culture, food etc; for me its more about SELF DISCOVER and INNER JOURNEY. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I wish Capt. Sharma the very best in life and would love to go for more trips with Taurus in future."
Monica Kaushik

“It was nice to be on TAURUS on its Inaugural trip to Pushkar, Jaisalmer, and the rugged desert of Rajasthan to places such as Tanot, Longewala, Ghotaru…..places of intense rustic beauty. TAURUS was nice to travel in and comfortable. We enjoyed the flexibility of moving to any nearby location, at will…. ….which we wouldnt have been able to do, if we were staying in hotels or resorts. Cpt. Suresh Sharma is good company and a good cook. He also drives the TAURUS with the same ease as driving a Maruti 800……..on the whole, a very enjoyable nomadic, adventurous trip with Cpt.Sharma and TAURUS. Looking forward to doing more such trips in the near future. !!!!!!”

Sathya Vagale

“It was a blind date with Taurus and had all the elements of surprise which made this trip so different and unique. For me the exciting part was to be on the maiden journey of Taurus; the first of its kind in India. Taurus is a dream which has come true due to the determination, hard work, vision and sheer will of Capt. Sharma and his family. I was on this trip for 10 days and enjoyed every single minute. The places we visited, people we met and above all the experience we had; are the treasures to cherish. Taurus is comfortable modern land truck and have all the facilities and amenities to make an outdoor experience safe and memorable. As this was a Test Trip not a commercial one so we had the flexibility and freedom to go anywhere our hearts desired. Every day started on a positive note and I used to look forward to the surprise. The locales are out of the world and I saw a world which I never imagined existed – beautiful, raw and just so amazing. I clicked over 500 pictures even though I am not into professional photography which says a lot about the places we visited. I also got to enjoy the warm hospitality of INDIAN ARMY and BSF and got a chance to have a glimpse of the life of our soldiers and it was a big eye opener for me. My respect and gratitude have increased for our real heroes thousand times over. Captain Sharma is a wise, kind and caring man and I was lucky to have the opportunity to talk to him and have learnt a lot from his life. He has deeply inspired me and given me the reassurance that – DREAMS DO COME TRUE. We just need to have faith and courage to pursue them. I will cherish this trip forever and look forward to go on many more trips with Taurus and Capt Sharma. Its not about the places so much but about the people you meet and things you learn about life, which makes any travel wonderful and that is what I have experienced. My sincere wishes are and will always be with capt. Sharma and Taurus. God Bless.” Love Monica

Monica Kaushik,

“I was on the first trial, test and recce trip on Taurus from Chandigarh, through Churu, Taal Chhapar and finally Pushkar. Some thoughts that come to me now after the successful first trip of Taurus. Planning to go on a photo mission to inaccessible, and unexplored places? The logistics of the mission would be daunting, if one thinks about it. Transportation – own vehicle or public transportation, booking of accommodation, food, security while travelling, etc. etc. and then questions like, ‘what if I can’t reach the hotel on due date’; ‘what if I need to change my itinerary’; ‘how many places can I visit in one trip’; ‘how do I find the places’; ‘what if I like a place and want to stay longer’, etc. etc. My recent experience of being onboard Taurus tells me that Taurus gives one an option of a single point of contact for answers to all of the above questions, and maybe more. Just call CaptSuresh Sharma, your friend, philosopher and guide for the trip and everything would be looked after, as best as it possibly can for a nomadic lifestyle photography trip to unexplored, and routinely inaccessible places. Good luck and happy hunting for digital treasures.”

Wg Cdr Jatinderpal Joshi

"We were on board Taurus on our maiden trip to Laddakh this August. Though it was our first experience of an overland truck as well as the terrain in this regions, looking back I can vouch that we made the right choice in joining the tour with Green Dot Expeditions and Capt Suresh Sharma. Let me start by talking about how meticulously Taurus is planned. Every bit of space is utilized to store water, biscuits, cereals, numerous varieties of tea, pickles, kitchen items like gas, utensils , tap even small items like sewing kits. You name something you need and it will be available. It was totally mind boggling !

Even the itinerary was planned closely by Capt. We stopped at the most exotic locations. The bad weather conditions could not dampen our fun as Green Dots was always prepared with back up places to stay. Staying on board was what we enjoyed the most. Tents were spacious and the sleeping bag equipped to sustain the cold. Along with the stay, food was the second highlight. The fully equipped kitchen could get functional anywhere we stopped.

The thing which is not visible is the personal touch that Capt Suresh, Negi Bhaiya and Driver Ashraf bhaiya brought with them. They were there to help us with anything and everything. Even when our flights got cancelled, Capt. Saw to it that we safely reached a nice hotel and our stay was comfortable.

Packages tours like this are rare, where you needn't worry about the destination and can enjoy as you travel. We did miss some of the major destinations in Ladakkh due to bad weather but Taurus made sure that we made the most of this time. We went to remotely located villages and meet the locals which we couldn’t have imagined doing on our own!"

Purnendu & Ekta

"I was very pleased with service I received from Capt Suresh Sharma on a herpetological trip to Rajasthan. The trip was completely personalized for me and my colleagues. Capt Sharma made all arrangements down to the smallest detail, yet remained flexible enough to accommodate changes in our plan and additions to our itinerary. We were able to see virtually all of the reptiles and other wildlife we were looking for, and to experience the desert and the culture of Rajasthan, all at an extremely reasonable price. Our travel in the well-outfitted vehicle was comfortable and allowed us the freedom to go almost anywhere at anytime. The logistic of travel in India can be a real personal touch that enhance his tours. This is the way to see and experience India and its wildlife".
Professor Aaron Bauer, Professor of Biology
Villanova University
Villanova, Pennsylvania

Professor Aaron Bauer
(Professor of Biology)

"Leh-Ladakh is in the bucket list of every traveler and I am no exception. And when I got the amazing opportunity to go on a Photo-Expedition trip as participant with Green Dot Expeditions led by Capt. Suresh Sharma, I grabbed it with both hands.

And it is one of the best decisions of my life. GreenDot not only provides a unique getaway into nature among the Mighty Himalayas, camping in natures lap where otherwise one will just have to drive by, but it also gives an unmatched experience of one of its kind outdoor life which enriches the very soul of a traveler. And to put icing on top, the Green Dot crew ensures the safety of all its participants with utmost care. It is the perfect combination of the Thrill of a rugged road-trip across the Himalayan terrain (crossing dangerous Passes being at Natures mercy) and the Security that each one of us and people back home are concerned about in such a trip. Captain Sharma has built a wonderful machine with his undaunted hard work and pure love of the outdoors and it is aptly named The Taurus, the mighty Bull which is a force to reckon with. One would immediately feel secure with the sturdiness and excellent engineering involved in this majestic Overland truck. It is so thoughtfully built, taking care of every need of its participants while on the road, enough space for everything efficiently designed. You name it and Taurus has it. Essentials are covered to the T: storing more than enough ration in its vast concealed and well packed storage, overhead storage lockers for participant to store their belongings, good comfortable seats, and two beds, in case one feels like to stretch their legs while on the go, a John as well for the emergency which again is well secured and good quality.

Adding to this luxury, comes a well-equipped and highly resourceful kitchen, yes, a kitchen on board! Again with all safety checks done. And fellow travelers/photo enthusiasts, it was a high point of my trip that there was enough device charging facility on board! We don’t want to miss taking pictures with our phones and cameras in such a beautiful trip, do we? And Green Dot, ensures we are always charged!

So, this was about the logistics of it. The flesh and bones of the amazing concept. Now, coming to the soul of it, is Captain Suresh Sharma, a very passionate outdoor expert, who has taken tourism to another level in India. With the awe inspiring Army background, he embodies perfection and trust. An achiever in many noteworthy fields, he is a fervent leader and he walks the talk. The attention to detail is commendable and his hospitality straight from the heart. Right from serving perfect cups of choicest of teas ( tea drinking is a cherished ritual on the trip), amazing variety of food, breakfast spreads, snacks, meals to ensuring hygiene needs, providing the best available accessories of sleeping bags, pillows, tents, Quechua items of foldable, seats, chairs, etc, even hot water bags! And Captain has done good research on the route and the unique places that can be explored Only through Taurus where you simply enjoy the journey because that’s where the fun is! I can go on and on about it, but in short, all you need to come to this trip is your backpack, your camera and a spirit to enjoy the outdoors, cherish the panoramic beauty of the Himalayan terrain and the experiences that Taurus has to offer, which otherwise, even money can't buy!

It is indeed a path-breaking initiative by the Green Dot Expedition team and I wholeheartedly Congratulate them and feel blessed that I could be part of one of its first photo-expeditions in the Srinagar to Leh route. Given a choice, I might write a book on my entire experience, but for now, all I will say is that it was an experience of a lifetime and I can't wait to get onboard Taurus again!"

Manashi Pathak

Exploring Kashmir and Ladakh was my long time dream. When Capt. Suresh Sharma came up with the idea of Taurus and Green dot expedition, for me this was the best opportunity to take up the chance. I witnessed the making of Taurus in different stages, which assured its toughness and comfort. For me Taurus is a pride for its look and comfort. Good enough for a photographer like me to explore the remote areas where u can camp and fulfill ur dreams. Capt. being an experienced photographer and an Ex military person was a boon to the whole show. I got amble opportunities to try on flash photography and every word of his advice helped me out of trouble. The result was simply superb. Came out with stunning shots which i could nt have managed all alone. One thing what i liked most was his commitment to his words. I found the trip the best outdoor photography trip so far done.I would recommend Taurus and Green Dot Expedition to serious photography enthusiasts who got the steel in them to explore and to adjust with nature to bag the great shots.

Sajid Aboobaker

I was following the progress of making of this legend called Taurus for almost a year. Effort, dedication and enthusiasm of Capt Suresh Sharma and his family is profound. I was curious to see and experience this lovely machine until one day he called to tell that he and Taurus are visiting Leh, I was very excited at the prospect of encountering the much awaited Taurus. Finally when it arrived on its maiden journey to the cold desert after exploring the Thar it looked handsome and efficiently traversed the curvaceous and steep mountain roads.

Capt Suresh Sharma whom I know as a ground soldier has squeezed all his experience and survival skills to create this mean machine, which offers all what is needed to explore the misty blue mountains, river valleys and deserts. Taurus is what an explorer looks for to discover extraordinary landscapes at the time and place of his choosing it offers comforts of a million stars and peace of mind in most inaccessible and inhospitable conditions and allows one to relax, enjoy and concentrate on creating some exceptional images in your mind and digital canvas.

I haven’t seen or experienced such a setup which offers so much liberty and comfort in outdoor life and mind you I know what outdoor life is all about and I mean what I say.

Harry Khokhar
Taurus- A wonderland on wheels.

I have been part of the Taurus ever since it was just an idea and a design on paper. Being an automotive engineer, I always felt fascinated by Capt Sharma's thought of creating a such a wonderful overlander. And I was the witness to this idea transforming from a thought to a wonderful reality. And since I had been always so fascinated by this, how could I be left behind being aboard this wonderful beast?

And yes, I got an opportunity very soon to be aboard the Taurus. The place was the banks of river Raavi at Madhopur, Pathankot, one of the best locations in India where you can find serenity and peace. And when this was combined with the luxury, hospitality and comfort I got aboard Taurus, going out of that place would have been the last thing I wanted. It is indeed a home away from home, but with a lot of add-ons which you cannot even imagine being available in the most of the remotest areas. The comfort you get is what you would not imagine even in the costliest of the luxuries, and being close to nature, in lands untouched for many, is the best part. And then comes the hospitality of the team. They never made me feel out of home, be it the best and the tastiest of the food stuff I ever had, or be it the cozy bedding that made me feel nice and snug in the chilling weather.

What impressed me was the abundance of the commodities aboard. From a shoelace to recreational games, it was everything that I couldn't even imagine. Team Taurus had actually kept every guests' potential needs in mind. Impressive..!!

My suggestion- If you ever wanted to wander into the most untouched and serene locations, give it a go. I'm sure you will never want to come back easily..!! The only bad part about the Taurus is that the time seems to go too fast when you are aboard; At least it happened in my case...

My sincere thanks to Capt Suresh Sharma and his crew for their hospitality, and best wishes for their future endeavours in exploring the lands untouched for many.

Gaurav Sharma