Taurus The Truck

Complete Mobile Camping Concept!

Taurus is 5 Star for those who are passionate for outdoors,
not for those who seek 5 Star comforts.

Believe it or not … the idea was conceived 1991 and brewed for over 22 years …

TAURUS IS A SPECIAL TRANSPORT  … to deliver YOU  to the invisible cosmic world within you … Offers romantic travel to the bewitching sight of Himalayas, sand dunes, secluded beaches where you hear sounds to sooth your soul, colours and taste of vibrant cultures … connecting you to the hypnotizing moments that ordinary travellers and photographers don’t get to experience. Your footprints are to ensure the captivating culture of Ladakh is preserved, as the part of the proceeds goes to the community at village level. Be the ambassadors of Ladakh!  Taurus takes your soul on an expedition to connect you with Life. Taurus has invisible missions for the good of the preservation of the cultural and natural heritage of the region which we want our next generations to appreciate.

Taurus the Truck, India's first overland truck infact and one its kind globally, helps the couples to learn how to fall in love again understand life together in the lap of mother nature while enjoying outdoor experience with self-contained mobile camping. People in India mostly call it as caravan. It offer the most fruitful travel photography tours and photo expeditions to the passionate photographers. And it offers wonderful holidays with quality time for families, it has no match for that in India, while offering light outdoor games where guests have lots of fun without exerting at all. The most clean and hygienic camp in India with best food for camping and outdoor on the move. Anyone who wants to do special interest and small group tours then don't look anywhere other than this beast Taurus! . It offers pure rejuvenation and detoxification called - digital detox tours.

Taurus is a new design and concept globally.

Our team has spent a lifetime on wheels and in the outdoors! We have redefined the ‘outdoor holidays’ by learning from our experience over two decades – Every single piece of equipment onboard Taurus is of quality chosen carefully for your comfort. We take your ‘dreams and desires’ seriously and leave no stone unturned to ensure your well-being and pleasure on the outdoors with Taurus.

Captain started the design & fabrication work in the month of December 2012 and within a week, he was clear about what he wanted to do next – make it better than others and the best. Now, the design which has evolved out of this day and night exercise of about 20 months, from drawing board to finish, is  a self-contained-vehicle with the best features in the industry over the globe.

It harmonizes your outdoor experience with a great feel on wheels. A unique blend of world class amenities with state of the art facilities (not to be compared with hotels) – Every small detail has been gone into to ensure you are pampered thoroughly – this is one in a lifetime experience. A ‘Swiss Army Knife’ for outdoor holidays on wheels – that is your Taurus!

The power under the hood – Taurus is a full grown handsome ‘Recreational Vehicle’ (unique self-contained mobile camping unit) with its a muscled body with a well-crafted tough “no nonsense” look, carefully designed for outdoor activities in remote areas. Taurus has a six cylinder turbocharged engine that growls silently with 147 horses pulling you through your journey! Safety and comfort are our primary concerns.

Taurus offers the best outdoor experience for travellers and explorers, especially in the lap of nature, real-time rejuvenation. It redefines the art of falling in love for the couples. Offers the best ‘quality time’ for families. Taurus enhances photographer’s yield while being on the wheels – taking the shutterbugs from one setting to the next in an unending kaleidoscope of colour and light gives the aficionado multiple options.

Breakfast Time

Saving the money is not our first goal, happy guests is our mission.


We have tried our best to ensure it’s the best nomadic experience one can have within the constraints of being on the move!  Taurus is well equipped to ensure comfortable outdoor living, with the most well equipped outdoor kitchen built of stainless steel and it enhances the outdoor life by manifolds. But not to be compared with the facilities of a restaurant, static camping, hotel or a resort; it’s a ‘self-service’.

We have tried to make things as comfortable as possible with eye for details, in fact all our previous guests have so far said that they have been ‘over pampered’ and got spoilt in the company of  Taurus and its crew. We would like to reiterate that we don’t cut corners on quality and we GO EXTRA MILE ...

  • Accommodate 8 guests (for seating and sleeping) other than the crew and sometimes 11 guests (as a special case).
  • The most elaborate kitchen on any overland truck to provide healthy food on the move.
  • 8 front facing reclining/ pushback seats.
  • The best sleeping arrangements for` on the move’ outdoor camping
  • Two types of  toilets to make guests comfortable, sometimes all are deployed and sometimes only one.
  • Honda genset and solar panels for the charging the batteries of your cellphones, cameras, laptops, etc. with 220 volts AC power supply as well as 12 V DC charging sockets.
  • Stainless steel water tanks with storage capacity of 800 liters.
  • 2 water pumps (Hitachi and Honda) to fill water tanks from sources on the move.
  • 12 Volts DC water pump for delivery.
  • One of the best water filters for RVs in the market to ensure plastic bottles are not generated from packaged water.
  • Best camping equipment (camp chairs, camp stools, tables, hammocks) available in India.
  • Equipped with field-craft tools.
  • Three hammocks; where possible we anchor these for our guests.
  • Individual lockers with good space, one per participant for equipment and baggage.
  • Elinchrom Quadra Ranger strobes and accessories. On some expeditions we shall offer our outdoor studio setup equipped with these lights to experience how to TAME THE LIGHT GOD, as Capt Suresh loves to say.
  • Equipped with comprehensive first aid kit, multi-purpose kit, firefighting kit.
  • WE SHALL GO EXTRA MILE for everything we do to ensure you have a life-time experience on our invigorating tours …
  • The exhilarating experience with us  through this new  `concept’  is unmatched …
  • TAURUS  is being continuously improved and equipped with small little things to enhance your experience and making expeditions unique and memorable.

Interior view with guests spending time together.

Side tents onboard Taurus for single occupancy. Tents on rooftop are dome tents for double occupancy to accomodate 4 persons. 

Taurus is equipped for soft physical activities and entertainment

Water Filter System onboard Taurus

Best possible equipment is used for Taurus

Best Camp-Stools

Best Camping Chairs

Since, Taurus offers you ‘camping on the move’ and mostly away from inhabited areas, we thought of having a Multi Utility kit – most elaborate in the entire tourism industry, it has numerous small tidbits which can help in the field i.e. buttons, needles, threads, magnifying glass, tools, shoe laces, rubber band, etc. And many more.

Our Kitchen:  Taurus carries the most well equipped outdoor kitchen built of stainless steel and it enhances the

pleasure of outdoor life by manifolds. But, at the same time, not to be compared with the facilities of a restaurant, static camping, hotel or a resort.

Considering that it’s a mobile camping and space is of quite a concern, we have managed to fit in an elaborate kitchen.  Our Galley/ the Kitchen is a gastronomic delight! Your health is our concern and we maintain the best in class hygiene standards and this starts with our kitchen which is well equipped to churn out gourmet wonders for every palate (within the constraints of mobile camping)!

View of The Kitchen onboard Taurus.

Food Plan

Your happiness and health is more important than anything else. And we put in our best to ensure that the  joy of food is so much more intensified with the fully equipped kitchen onboard Taurus, bringing alfresco dining at its best with canned as well as freshly sourced produce and ingredients from the local markets. We have designed our menu to be as healthy as possible and appeal to your Indian tastes.

We do our best to enhance your outdoor experience; we understand that food plays a great role!  But one must consider that these are `outdoor’ meals cooked `on the move’ (not in a static kitchen of a static camp or a resort). We carry good quality and branded food items. But still can’t be compared to a restaurant kitchen.

Mostly we use the best available Desi Ghee (Butter Oil) a rare thing in tourism industry. We offer fixed veg menu though flexible for group meal. On normal days we offer the following food plan:

  1. Breakfast: One glass of juice, one veg item a day (poha/ Upma/ Parottha/ Puri with veg), corn Flakes with milk, one egg preparation, tea/coffee.
  1. Lunch: If Taurus is in static camping then normal lunch, if on the move then ‘field lunch’ which either could be from the kitchen of Taurus or in a third party establishment (to be decided by the Crew). If it’s a lunch at third party estab then it will be a standard menu for all, personal choice to be paid by individuals. Anything extra than standard is payable by the individual directly in cash.
  2. Dinner: Veg soup, one vegetable/ one Daal, rice, chapatti, with dessert/ sweet (it could be dry or fresh)
  3. Morning Tea: a ritual Onboard Taurus, morning tea-time is chance to celebrate tranquility in the lap of nature. The total setting in locales away from touristy crowds makes it ‘tea ritual’  aboard Taurus that will remain etched on your memory long after the journey is over.We set stage to ensure your soul dances while admiring the crimson sunrise through the swirl of steam arising from your morning cup of tea. The warmth of a hot mug of tea at dawn in the lap of nature sets the tone for the day. We celebrate your tryst with tea in a special way with the subtle flavours that complement your surroundings. This is designed to arouse your curiosity and connect with nature.We offer you an array of flavours that blend into the colours of the morning to make you feel one with your natural surroundings. It all starts with the melody of the kettle whistle and the fresh aroma of the best teas to get you going. Our quaint little tea ritual helps you to appreciate the sounds of silence while nature awakens with the morning sun .We take pride that even 5 Stars can’t emulate us in the field for this morning tea ritual !
  4. Evening Tea: We do our best to ensure you get an evening tea break everyday. Its with biscuits and cookies, if time and circumstances permit on some days we do cook hot snacks too, a delight in the middle of nowhere.
  5. Barbeque: We have world’s best Weber Barbeque  Grill which we deploy on some occasions especially when Taurus is static for two nights at least. Its offered at extra cost.

  6. The happiness, pleasure and comfort of our guests onboard Taurus is of paramount importance to us and we understand that for some non-veg food is a must in everyday diet. At the same time, considering it’s tricky to procure healthy meat on the move away from regular reliable sources in remote and rural settings, we are constrained to offer you vegetarian food onboard Taurus.
  7. We don’t advocate vegetarianism, neither its to save money and effort.
  8. Also, its a challenge to cater like a restaurant for veg and non-veg food from a kitchen of a mobile camping where there is paucity of time, manpower and space. Though we serve eggs almost everyday, easy to manage.
  9. We do give ample opportunity to our guests to exercise their own choice for non-veg at some places on their own. Also, when we hire third party facilities in some places (e.g. Nubra Valley and Pangong in Ladakh) we order non-veg food as part of the package.
  10. If the pleasure of ‘non veg food’ is being denied by circumstances and design then we suggest you to see beyond non-veg food, as we leave no stone unturned to manage pleasure beyond words for you.

Special Dietary: If you have any specific dietary requirements for medical considerations, please inform us at the time of bookings.  We shall try our best to accommodate special diet, but no guarantees. Yes, we shall cater for diabetic participants or alternatives can be discussed.

To get an ‘illustrated overview’ of the locations of Taurus, our specialisation and USP, please visit PHOTO GALLERY 

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!

Kitchen of Taurus

Weber Barbecue Grill Deployed on the river banks of Indus

Static Camp on the banks of the River Indus, at Spituk Village, Ladakh

To get glimpses of our quality of logistics what we can offer, please take a peek at the video below. Offered on our ‘Platinum Tariff’ programs and in our static camping where time and resource are plenty, not on the move camping.

Weber Grill deployed on the Banks of Indus River, Ladakh

Weber Grill deployed on the Banks of Indus River, Ladakh. Its available on some Programs only. 

Weber Grill Deployed in Sonmarg, Kashmir, India


TAURUS THE TRUCK  offers ‘nomadic lifestyle’  for those seasoned travellers and first-timers who either have belly fire for outdoor and wanderlust or are keen to kindle such fire, but understand what to expect and how to live on outdoor exploratory trips offered by Green Dot Expeditions. If yes, then look no further than TAURUS.


We suggest … DO AS ROMANS DO … NOMADIC STYLE has so much of fun with its own charm but still not for everyone.

Children Splashing for Bath in the River Raavi

Field Bathing – a kid like dream, we fulfill

River Bathing in Spiti Valley

  1. Our expeditions are conducted during reasonably cold weather; therefore daily bathing may not be needed for the most.  Best is to enjoy `warm wet wipes’, we will give you warm water for sponging. If you love your bath daily then you may need to reconsider being on outdoor holidays.
  2. We ensure you enjoy… if you have faith in us then pack your bags, ENJOY WHAT WE OFFER unlimited …
  3. When time, weather and resource are favorable then we organise ‘outdoor bathing’ session by hiring water tanker with a hose and powered pump. Also, it could be a lake or river and stream. IT’S SO MUCH OF FUN … every outdoor soul loves the splash in nature! We offer a tent shelter for such outdoor bathing for ladies.
  4. Don’t mix outdoors with indoors … don’t expect what hotels offer … what we offer Hotels and resorts just can’t come closer. REMEMBER: Hotels can’t move … Taurus moves luxury to the locations where Nature abounds…
  5. Enjoy different lifestyle not the usual … different always offers you relaxation… routine sets in drudgery…
  6. We GO EXTRA MILE whatever we do.

    River Bathing with Engine driven Pump

  7. Since, it’s an infrastructure which has to be on the move, it has limited water for the basic necessities only i.e. cooking, dishwashing, very basic morning routine of face wash and tooth brush etc. Bathing shall not be possible like a hotel on daily basis.

Interior view of Taurus, toilet seat can also be seen.

Taurus has a toilet cabin onboard  which has world’s best RV toilet seat manufactured by THETFORD (USA). Considering the chemical usage, it is available only for extreme emergency purpose. Yes, it is available to ladies while we are travelling from point A to B. Otherwise two field toilets are available which 100% eco-friendly. One toilet is pitched at one time, if need be then two are pitched.

FIELD TOILET for daily use

  • Firstly, most important, on “outdoor programs” one should be able to or willing to adapt to using the bush in case needed. Outdoor life is much different than being in a hotel room and has its own blessings too.
  • Taurus has the best field toilets imported from USA. ‘Go Anywhere Portable Toilet’ kits with shelter from CLEANWASTE the best brand for the purpose, USA; ideal for outdoors, camping, as an extra bathroom, etc. These are also used as bathroom for our expeditions, ‘complete GO anywhere’ toilet system.
  • The perfect PETT Portable toilet system.  – safe, private, portable, easy, and green.
  • 6′ 6” floorless privacy shelter same height and bowl capacity as a standard toilet
  • Shelter can double as a shower room, when free from use.Its the best product to our knowledge.
  • Toilet Seat for the world’s best field toilet
  • These field toilets are deployed where we can dig in the ground to collect human waste. But can’t be deployed where its rocky or stony.The Best Never Rest

The design development team of Taurus is always working on the improvement of the design to ensure that space, resource, ops crew’s energy, are fine tuned after every expedition whenever possible, basically to offer better holidays and add more value to the outdoor experience so guests go back with a change of heart towards Mother Nature!

Leave a Legacy 

Part of the proceeds go back to the environment and nature conservation – We believe that nature is not what we inherited from our forefathers but what we have borrowed from our children!

A Day Onboard Taurus

Become a Taurus Time Traveler …

One day on board Taurus is like an eternity which stretches well beyond the journey – Together we set the pace of a gentle rhythm that begins at the crack of dawn with a delightful cup of tea. That’s when you step on to the first green dot…

Nature is never in a hurry and yet everything is accomplished – Your well being is our prime concern so just surrender yourself and soak in the day to reflect on the wonderful sights and sounds as the day unfolds and the miles roll by.

You will tap dance through the day punctuated by halts to soak in the wonders of nature and rural life that has been in harmony with its surroundings through the ages – listen to the flowers bloom and feel the soft sand dunes unfold like pages in your personal album.

Taste an afternoon on the banks of a lake to hear the reflections of the day – the aromas of village life where you taste the vivid colours of simplicity. Touch the cold stone of a fort which has stood for centuries as witness to tides and times of history – Only if those walls could speak, what stories they would tell! That is the dotted line of your own personal journey!

We will bump through roads waiting for a herd of tinkling goats make way for your journey. You will get to freeze frame your day through the lens of your cameras – what you capture is yours for ever! You will connect the dots – Green Forever!

Ever so slowly the evening blanket covers the sky and we roll to a gentle halt – That is when Taurus comes alive with tents and the aromas of dinner cooking in our very own kitchen. The stars above sparkle for you while you ride the moonbeams through the night …….. that’s the green Dot that that gently puts you to sleep in soft comfort. Full stop till you awaken to the whistle of the tea kettle to a new dawn … and the green dots lead you on to a new day.

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Taurus deployed on the banks of river Chandra Bhaga