Features, Facilities & Equipment

Taurus is well equipped to ensure comfortable outdoor living, with the most well equipped outdoor kitchen built of stainless steel and it enhances the outdoor life by manifolds. But not to be compared with the facilities of a restaurant, static camping, hotel or a resort; it’s a ‘self-service’.

We have tried to make things as comfortable as possible with eye for details, infact all our previous guests have so far said that they have been ‘over pampered’ and got spoilt in the company of  Taurus and its crew. We would like to reiterate that we don’t cut corners on quality and we GO EXTRA MILE ...

Saving the money is not our first goal, happy guests is our mission.

Taurus is equipped for soft physical activities and entertainment

Interior view of Taurus, toilet seat can also be seen.

Interior view with guests spending time together.

  • Taurus can accomodate max 8 guests other than the crew.
  • Taurus has the most elaborate kitchen on any overland truck to provide healthy food on the move.
  • 8 front facing reclining/ pushback seats.
  • The best sleeping arrangements for`on the move’ outdoor camping
  • Two types of  toilets to make guests comfortable.
  • Charging the batteries of  your cellphone, cameras, laptops, etc. 220 Volts AC power supply as well as 12 V DC charging sockets.
  • Water Tank with storage capacity of 800 liters.
  • One of the best water filters for RVs in the market to ensure plastic bottles are not generated from packaged water.
  • Best camping equipment (camp chairs, camp stools, tables, hammocks) available in India.
  • Equipped with field-craft tools.
  • Three hammocks; where possible we anchor these for our guests.
  • Individual lockers with good space, one per participant for equipment and baggage.
  • On some expeditions we shall offer our outdoor studio setup equipped with Elinchrom Quadra Ranger strobes and accessories. Its  to experience the outdoor shoots with artificial lights to TAME THE LIGHT GOD, as Capt Suresh loves to say. Imagine, shooting a Kalbelia dancer on sand-dunes at sunset or a camel trader with his family cooking food and camels in frame, and many more …
  • Equipped with comprehensive first aid kit, multi-purpose kit, firefighting kit.
  • WE SHALL GO EXTRA MILE for everything we do to ensure you have a life-time experience on our invigorating tours …
  • The exhilarating experience with us  through this new  `concept’  is unmatched …
  • TAURUS  is being continuously improved and equipped with small little things to enhance your experience and making expeditions unique and memorable.


Taurus has been enhanced with the best camping equipment (camping chairs, camp stools, sleeping bags) in India. Onboard toilet seat is by Thetford (best RV toilets systems, USA), best field camping toilets 2 (USA), Hitachi water pump to fill from sources on the move, 2 water pumps from ShurFlo (the best RV pumps). Though there was no need, but we have food grade stainless steel water tanks. Best water filters on board. Private lockers for everyone. We have tried our best to ensure it’s the best nomadic experience one can have with the constraints of being on the move!


Water Filter System onboard Taurus to prevent ‘plastic bottles’ generated by packaged water

Water Pump by Shurflo 12 V DC

Since, Taurus offers you ‘camping on the move’ and mostly away from inhabited areas, we thought of having a Multi Utility kit – most elaborate in the entire tourism industry, it has numerous small tidbits which can help in the field i.e. buttons, needles, threads, magnifying glass, tools, shoe laces, rubber band, etc. And many more.

Best Camping Chairs

Best Camping Toilet for “On the Move Camping”

Best Camp Stools

Toilet Seat for Camping Toilet

Best Water Pump by Hitachi to prevent failure and inconvenience to our guests.  

We buy the best possible equipment and gadgets for Taurus. Unpacking Weber accessories, the best in the international market.