Facilities for Daily Routine

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Taurus deployed on the banks of the River Raavi, Children are splashing to bathe. Absolutely the best fun of Nomadic Lifestyle in outdoors.

TAURUS THE TRUCK  offers ‘nomadic lifestyle’  for those seasoned travellers and first-timers who either have belly fire for outdoor and wanderlust or are keen to kindle such fire, but understand what to expect and how to live on outdoor exploratory trips offered by Green Dot Expeditions. If yes, then look no further than TAURUS.


We suggest … DO AS ROMANS DO … NOMADIC STYLE has so much of fun with its own charm but still not for everyone.

NOMADIC LIFESTYLE at its best … bathing on the banks of a canal.


  1. Our expeditions are conducted during reasonably cold weather; therefore daily bathing may not be needed for the most.  Best is to enjoy `warm wet wipes’, we will give you warm water for sponging. If you love your bath daily then you may need to reconsider being on outdoors.
  2. We ensure you enjoy… if you have faith in us then pack your bags, ENJOY WHAT WE OFFER unlimited …
  3. When time, weather and resource are favorable then we organise ‘outdoor bathing’ session by hiring water tanker with a hose and pump. Also, it could be a lake or river and stream. IT’S SO MUCH OF FUN … every outdoor soul loves the splash in nature! We offer a tent shelter for such outdoor bathing for ladies.
  4. Don’t mix outdoors with indoors … don’t expect what hotels offer … what we offer Hotels and resorts just can’t come closer. REMEMBER : Hotels can’t move … Taurus moves luxury to the locations where Nature abounds…
  5. Enjoy different lifestyle not the usual … different always offers you relaxation… routine sets in drudgery…
  6. We GO EXTRA MILE whatever we do.

    River bathing with petrol engine driven pump

  7. Since, it’s an infrastructure which has to be on the move, it has limited water for the basic necessities only i.e. cooking, dishwashing, very basic morning routine of face wash and tooth brush etc. Bathing shall not be possible like a hotel. It shall need time to org on a particular day and NOT for individual requests.

Interior view of Taurus, toilet cabin/seat can also be seen.


Taurus has a toilet cabin onboard  which has world’s best RV toilet seat manufactured by THETFORD (USA). Considering the chemical usage, it is available only for extreme emergency purpose. Yes, it is available to ladies while we are travelling from point A to B. Otherwise two field toilets are available which 100% eco-friendly. One toilet is pitched at one time, if need be then two are pitched.

FIELD TOILET for daily use

The Best Field Toilets imported from USA.

  • Firstly, most important, on “outdoor programs” one should be able to or willing to adapt to using the bush in case needed. Outdoor life is much different than being in a hotel room and has its own blessings too.
  • We have imported two ‘Go Anywhere Portable Toilet’ kits with shelter from CLEANWASTE the best brand for the purpose, USA; ideal for outdoors, camping, as an extra bathroom, etc. These are also used as bathroom for our expeditions, ‘complete GO anywhere’ toilet system.
  • The perfect PETT Portable toilet system.  – safe, private, portable, easy, and green.
  • 6′ 6” floorless privacy shelter same height and bowl capacity as a standard toilet.
  • Shelter can double as a shower room, when free from use.
  • Its the best product to our knowledge.

Toilet Seat for the world’s best field toilet.

We use the best Hitachi Augur to dig holes for the field toilet for precision and quality. Manual augur used by everyone makes very poor holes which crumble while using.

Taurus deployed on river banks, children having fun after RIVER BATH.