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Private Sunset with the luxury of your own camping which is possible with our campervan camping. The most unique outdoor experience of caravan holidays ever in India. Taurus – the most elaborate and well equipped overland truck of the tourism industry all over.

A New Experience!

Imagine enjoying a different kind of holidays, one of a kind. Offers locales which are away from the crowd and pollution, in the lap of Mother Nature. We ensure you get “quality time” together as family, friends and couples for romance in wilderness.  Photographers get to grab every opportunity of `roadside photography’, getting hot tea and coffee in the middle of the action and getting a location to spend a night wherever its night, no rush and no loss of time to get back to your hotel for night stay; experience the outdoors like never before. You save your precious time of scouting a destination …

Green Dot Expeditions is a ‘remarkable enterprise’ having no parallel in India. Its being steered by passionate photographers and spirited travellers, offering `unique experience’ for outdoor enthusiasts.

Our programs are special and unique in every aspect, full of excitement and satisfaction, with unlimited `FLEXIBILITY & FREEDOM’ offering:

  • The kind of  Sunset Sunrise private experience we offer there is no parallel; its a private set up with ‘aristocratic nomadic lifestyle’ in wilderness.
  • We offer ‘genuine quality time’ for families and couples to enhance bonding, to relax and rejuvenate in outdoors.
  • Most befitting program for outdoor travellers who wish to explore real India beyond the ordinary.
  • Photo Expeditions for outdoor photographers in a style which will enhance the output and experience of lifetime, experience ECSTASY to the hilt with Green Dot Expeditions.
  • Most of the destinations shall be the unknown to tourists and beyond one’s easy reach!
  • We also offer photography workshops ‘on-the-move’ for photographers on some of our programs.
  • Our lectures and workshops are special. We do not reproduce what is available for free on Google.
  • Programs/ Expeditions are planned and operated with great amount of flexibility & freedom. Always looking for exhilarating moments, events or places, we grab what is there to enhance the experience of the group.


On some of our special photography expeditions which are “holidays for photographers”, we offer Outdoor Studio on the move, which is unmatched as of now. We have two sets of Elinchrom Quadra Ranger (4 heads) and range of light modifiers.

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We organise your meet in wilderness with the Rajasthani Folk Artists.

Mangniyar – Rajasthani Folk Singer from Barmer

Folk artists from Rajasthan.

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