Transport & Accommodation

View of the deployed Taurus and its tents.

On most occasions, Taurus the Truck will be your transport and accommodation for the itinerary you select, unless specified in your itinerary. You must understand about what is Taurus all about and what it offers. The space and resources have some limitations for being a ‘mobile camping’ but its 5Star for those who love outdoors. Sometimes, we will be hiring extra transport for excursions, which will be from the local pool and as per the quality available locally.

It begins and ends with Taurus; this elaborately equipped and special-purposed built overland expedition truck. With ultimate logistics for outdoors, Taurus seamlessly provides transportation and accommodation with all the logistics for outdoor life in comfort throughout your expedition. Taurus has unique arrangement for sleeping with dome tents on rooftop along four innovatively designed ‘tray tents’ with single or double foam mattresses as well separate dome-tents on ground for those who seek total privacy on such tours.

COMFORT We have done our best to ensure the basic comforts are available which are missing completely on other overland trucks, we bet Taurus is the most elaborate overland truck.

Taurus is 5 Star for those who are passionate for outdoors,
not for those who seek 5 Star comforts.


  • We have six tents in the configuration of singles and twin sharing, which shall be available on rotational basis.

    View of the Tray Tents – most unique design for safety from reptiles and insects

  • 2 Dome Tents on the rooftop of Taurus for double occupancy. Considering various conditions and circumstances, we may deploy these tents on ground as well.
  • 4 tents of new types of concept (designed by Capt Suresh Sharma, calls them TRAY TENTS) with mattresses for single; unique to Taurus only.
  • Best ‘hot water bottles’ to warm your sleeping bags at night when its extra cold in Ladakh.

    View of the Tray Tents for ‘single occupancy’ onboard Taurus

  • Inner lining for the hygiene of sleeping bags is to be used by the individuals, which shall be given by us.
  • Inside Taurus, we have two long seats for meetings and discussion in case of bad weather; these are used by the crew to sleep, not allotted for the guests. It becomes a troublesome thing for guests in the morning when crew needs to pull out things from the storage under the beds.
  • STORAGE FOR BAGGAGE: We provide one large size locker for each guest. But guests are requested to bring ONLY soft bags which can collapse and can be stowed away into the lockers allotted to each individual for the journey or even our static camps. On arrival, everyone shall get mesh bags (returnable) to transfer clothing which can be stored in individual lockers. We shall not be able to accept anykind of suitcases on board, as we have no space.
  • Toilet and Bath The toilet onboard to be used by ladies ONLY while travelling and in bad weather for all. Outdoor tented toilet to be used when camping. Incase, time is not permitting, one should be willing to use the bush.
  • If one needs extra space for baggage then book in advance at extra cost, provided we have space available.

Hammock deployed in Ladakh at our campsite

Features, Facilities and Equipment