Photo Gallery – Taurus

Taurus takes you to places where your soul yearns to be, but you have not been able to do so for want of infrastructure. Taurus offers Nomadic Lifestyle in total comfort.

Taurus parked at Hemis for Hemis Festival

Guests enjoying golf putting … its an absolute fun 

Taurus deployed on river banks, Children having fun after ‘RIVER BATH’.

Taurus and its tents, location where soul gets enthralled.

Taurus anchored on Raavi River Banks. Most amazing locations for camping.

Taurus is equipped with the most elaborate kitchen for outdoors

Taurus anchored near Tanot, surrounded by untouched sand dunes

Taurus anchored in a peaceful place away from touristy crowd in total tranquility!

Taurus is India’s ONLY overland truck and the best.

Taurus anchored on the banks of Indus River in Ladakh. Location which is never exploited by others.

Taurus on the banks of famous river Raavi in Punjab state of India

Exclusive locations of Taurus

Taurus anchored next to pristine and unexplored sand dunes

Exclusive locations of Taurus

Locations where soul dances in the lap of Mother Nature.

Taurus is the most amazing overland truck in the world. Its the best design for an overland truck.

Taurus anchored near a Village Lake, Jaisalmer

Taurus anchored near Unexplored Sand Dunes, tranquility at its best