What is included … What is not included

The following Terms apply to every program, also the ones mentioned alongwith with each itinerary.

What is Included

  1. Tariff includes basic transport, accommodation and veg Indian homely food (onboard Taurus as well as hired where needed and mentioned specifically in your program) shall serve eggs, morning/ evening tea with biscuits and cookies.  Hot snacks with evening tea (if weather and time allow) as per plan offered.
  2. Taurus as transport for some itineraries to travel from point to point, not for excursions.
  3. Taurus when deployed for camping, we hire transport locally (as per availability) for excursions in some areas, either its charged as extra or in some cases its bundled in the package.
  4. On some of our expeditions we do include third party homestays/ camps/ resorts/ hotels; but then these are clearly mentioned in your itinerary. If not mentioned (as inclusive) in your itinerary, and in case needed under some circumstances (reasons could be any) then its extra payable by the guests before check-out from the stay directly.
  5. Extra transport for excursions, only if specifically mentioned with your itinerary.
  6. Pick up and drop at the start/ end point of your itinerary only as a group, if clearly mentioned with your program. Individuals will have to pay extra if not arriving with the group.
  7. Stay onboard Taurus in the tents and sleeping bags as shown in photos, on rotational basis and twin sharing basis and some tents as singles.
  8. To ensure single tents are available for every night,  single supplement charge is applicable. These tents may also be deployed on ground for night stay.
  9. In case of any emergency, the tour may be conducted by someone appointed by Capt Suresh Sharma.
  10. Filtered water   is available onboard for drinking. Please bring your own bottles to refill to avoid plastic trash in these pristine areas. Please cooperate for ‘nature conservation efforts’.
  11. As a promotional offer on some exclusive programs/ holidays/ tours, Captain Suresh Sharma may offer two basic Lec-Demos, brief workshops about photography free of charge for those who wish to learn more and hone their skills. If there is time and energy to spare!
  12. Camping equipment  (tents as shown in the photos, sleeping bags, camping chairs, etc)  onboard Taurus.

What is Not Included

  1. Transport for pick up and drop on arrival/ departure, shopping, excursions/local sightseeing unless clearly mentioned in your program/ itinerary.
  2. Pick up and drop
  3. Inner-line permits.
  4. Expenses for any services availed outside Taurus (stay or food) at hotel, camp, resort, home-stay, guest-house, other than Taurus ensued by any circumstances (political upheaval, natural calamities, health issues, roadblocks, bad weather or technical failure of all kinds of equipment, including the truck and circumstances could be any), unless otherwise specified along with the itinerary; while travelling from one point to another and on excursions.
  5. Medical emergencies (transport for evacuation or any professional help of any kind, doctor’s fee, medicines, admission at any hospital).
  6. Oxygen cylinders onboard Taurus, are the best in the Indian market, to the best our knowledge.  .  If you get affected by ‘high altitude sickness’ also known as AMS (acute mountain sickness) and need to consume oxygen onboard Taurus, you have to pay Rs 3500 per day. It involves all the costs involved for the refilling of the oxygen i.e. transportation of empty cylinder, manpower to handle, cost of the gas.
  7. Extra food and beverages other than the food plan for the itinerary onboard Taurus, non-veg food.
  8. Bottled/ packaged water, in case you wish to consume. Though we discourage bottled water to prevent plastic menace.
  9. Entry ticket/fees at forts, havelis, monuments, private properties, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and/or museums including any applicable photography permits or any kind of charges are not included.
  10. Escort, guides and porters.
  11. Tips, gratuities and/or gifts of any kind to anyone.
  12. Modeling fees for photography sessions are not included. Though, you are free to tip anyone on your own.
  13. Stay facilities for your personal servant, driver or assistant. But if needed then are welcome on full payment.
  14. Rides of any kind i.e. sand dune bashing, elephant, toy train, boat, camel, etc.
  15. Personal travel insurance other than what is already bundled with the insurance of our expedition vehicle. It is highly recommended that expedition guests take out personal travel insurance to protect themselves against any unforeseen expenses which may occur for medical emergencies and that should include evacuation by “air ambulance”.
  16. If in doubt or you have some fixed expectations on such travel programs, please send one single mail (not chain of mails) to clarify the inclusions and exclusions.
  17. Any extra day for stay onboard Taurus or any hotel/ resort/ guesthouse/ homestay shall cost extra, to be paid directly to the establishment used.
  18. Please carry your cash and credit/ debit cards for any unexpected expenses. We don’t have provision to lend money to anyone even in emergencies. Being remote area ATMs may not be functional sometimes and we don’t carry cash which could be enough for lending.
  19. In case of bad weather, medical emergencies, technical failures of any kinds for the vehicle; if participants have to stay in a hotel, resort, camp, homestay, guest house etc., the cost of all kinds has to be paid by the participants for stay and food. There is no refund or adjustments in tariff paid for itineraries.
  20. In case of  technical failure of any equipment or transport, any roadblocks and bad weather if a particular area/ destination or portion of the itinerary or any facility can’t be done then there are no substitutes for the plan, no refunds and adjustments in the tariff paid.
  21. Anything which is NOT mentioned in the WHAT IS INCLUDED list.