A positive attitude and an open mind of a spirited human being are probably more important than being physically fit.  Being on outdoors we recommend you should be in your good health but no need to be with abilities of an athlete or a hiker. But at the same time being on our expeditions, you don’t have to participate in any strenuous activity i.e. trekking, mountain climbing, long walks, etc.

Medicines: We advise you to carry all your own medicines if you are on regular medication.

We carry a medical first aid box which has got basic medicines as first aid.

  • Medical Conditions
  • To ensure your Safari with us is enjoyable and without incident, medical conditions are to be made known at the time of booking. Due to large distances between towns, we remind you that we may be many hours away from medical facilities. We reserve the right to seek a Medical Clearance before you start travelling with us. You are encouraged to carry enough medication required for the duration of your safari. See our Terms and Conditions for more information.


You must have Travel Insurance on such trips. While selecting your policy, please ensure that it is specifically designed for adventure & outdoor. It must cover you for all adventure activities you may plan to do, such as white water rafting (in case you may decide to do, but we do not offer), trekking, camel ride, elephant ride, boat ride and horse riding etc and at the very least are insured for all necessary medical & evacuation costs.

If you already have an annual travel or a credit card travel insurance policy, please check carefully with your insurers to ensure they provide the cover you require, as many limit cover for anykind of adventures, etc. We believe that your safety and holiday enjoyment are very important. It is a mistake to think that “it will never happen to me”.

It is extremely important that you check the full extent of your cover related to 24 hour Medical Emergency Assistance. In the event of you needing medical treatment you want to know that you have the best cover available to you. Your policy should include adequate Medical Emergency and evacuation cover as well as Personal Liability cover.

You must carry phone numbers of the Insurance Company’s rep, so in case of emergency, someone responsible can be contacted without wastage of time.