1. Booking is 100% confirmed against 100% advance payment as per the dates mentioned with programs and itineraries, either through e-mails or mentioned with each itinerary.
  2. We also offer EMIs  if booking is done 4 months before the commencement of the expedition, you may pay 25% and 3 EMIs through advance checks (terms apply) or a bank guarantee. We do make adjustments for the money but depends on the terms applicable. Only if booking has been cancelled 2 months before the commencement of the expedition.
  3. If the time for the commencement of your expedition is less than 4 months, you have to pay 100% of the total cost of the tariff as retainership fee, non refundable under all circumstances.
  4. And must understand about this concept in detail before booking our program.
  5. Please read  PRE-BOOKING INFORMATION  carefully to ensure you don’t come with skewed perceptions, assumptions and your own expectations which are outside the purview of our stipulated terms.

We insist that please understand this is an outdoor activity and can not be compared with static camping, resort, hotel or restaurant for its food, sleeping and any other comforts. But at the same time it offers a different kind of experience for those souls who love outdoor life and its a luxury for outdoor experience in nomadic style.

If after booking your circumstances change and need to change your plans with us, we have following cancellation policy.

Cancellation Policy

Considering the nature of our operation for being a different kind of tourism product, where our expenses are incurred in advance; this is our standard policy which is applicable to all our expeditions also as and when quoted. In case, there is any change, we shall mention along with your itineraries.

If your circumstances change and the payment has been made in full for the booking of your tour, should you decide to cancel your tour at any stage, we have a policy with following points.

  • First, you may consider opting for another tour (only if seats are available), in that case you lose no money  (only basic handling charges shall be deducted). This option is available 60 days before the commencement date (the day of commencement not counted) of the tour.
  • After a confirmed cancellation (verbal or written), one has to do fresh bookings. And the fresh bookings shall be as per the tariff for that particular program which is being sought for booking, there shall be no reference to the previous tariff in any case. And 60% of the money paid is deducted if you wish to cancel less after 60 days before the commencement of your expedition.
  • Less than 40 days there is no refund.
  • In case one wishes to board the Taurus on a later date, with prior intimation, than the start point mentioned with the itinerary, one shall have to make own arrangements to catch up and we shall not hold back the expedition at any point to cause any delays.
  • ‘No show’ on the first day without prior intimation, tour shall be deemed as `travelled’ and no refund shall be made and no adjustment of tariff for the next booking whatsoever.
  • There shall be no refund or adjustment of tariff for ‘NO SHOW’, for any portion of the tour not done, vacating seat before time for any reasons (sickness, accident, delays, mechanical failures, and other unpredictable reasons which may arise later out of any circumstances).
  • In case, any participant is evicted from the camp for one’s personal conduct not condusive to the group of the crew, there shall be no refund or adjustment of tariff.


Applicable only if cancellation is before 60 days. And it is completely at the discretion of Green Dot Expeditions, based on various factors. Any kind of pressure through emotional mails won’t be appreciated and entertained. If cancellation is done because of any political upheaval or riots, in that case we may consider issuing a CREDIT NOTE, which means that after deducting the costs of administrative efforts and logistical expenses already incurred for the preparation of the expedition, we may accommodate for rest of the money paid for booking, by paying the difference of the tariff of the fresh tour/ expedition if dates are available otherwise whenever possible for both sides (participants and Green Dot Expeditions). It’s a special gesture towards our participants to ensure the prevention of any monetary loss towards tariff only, not a legal binding or obligation for GDE. But we shall not be responsible for any kind of other losses i.e. job loss, leave, cost of flight, medical issues and any other expenses incurred by the participants before or after the tour. Cancellation because of bad weather is not considered part of this special gesture.  NO SHOW on our trips is non-refundable and no adjustments of any kind.

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