Your Responsibilities

Since we put in our best to ensure that you enjoy your expedition as a lifetime experience, we also expect few things from our esteemed guests/participants:  

  • Its the responsibility of participants/ guests to go through all the information available on our website before booking, we won’t be available to attend chain of mails and phones for every question you have. If you have any clarifications please don’t hesitate to send us one single mail stating everything in one mail.
  • REMEMBER: Its a ‘self-service’ camp.
  • While being on our expeditions you are suggested not to drink alcohol. As alcohol consumption is hazardous for the outdoor life, especially living onboard a recreational vehicle far from inhabited areas, with tents on rooftop and total 7 ladders around; uneven terrain being outdoors. Your drinking may make others uncomfortable as there are no separate rooms. It’s a different story when you stay in a hotel. If you need liquor to enhance the pleasure of your holiday then you may overlook our programs.
  • We say NO to any activity which may be akin to gambling of any kind on our trips.
  • No smoking inside tents and main body of the vehicle, while on our expeditions. Yes, you may take breaks when we are having a halt, but ensure you are away from Taurus.
  • If you need to be guarded by your own fire arms, we suggest you to overlook our tours.
  • On booking you have to sign an undertaking that you have understood the concept of outdoor expeditions offered by Green Dot Expeditions. You must understand the nitty-gritties of what this kind of lifestyle offers and demands from participants, know the terms so you abide by the terms on the expedition.
  • Anyone repeatedly creating uncomfortable atmosphere may be requested to leave the expedition at any time, without any refund or adjustments under own arrangements. Not as a punishment but its for the comfort and peace of everyone.
  • PERSONAL CONDUCT OF PARTICIPANTS  This infrastructure which has been commissioned with lots of sweat and toil with passion and money, is respect worthy and needs all kinds of care while you being onboard.
    1. We have also written FAQs however if you still have any questions, please ask through one single mail.
    2. We reiterate that please do NOT come with assumptions and perceptions that so and so thing may be part of the package, please clarify adequately if you expect certain things on your holidays. If booking has been done through a travel agent then please deal with him for not making things clear if there are any loose ends or grey areas as per your expectations.
    3. It’s the responsibility of an individual or group to clarify about anything before booking. We shall NOT be responsible to clarify any doubts last minutes and try to make adjustments after bookings have been done. We will not be able to make any kind of adjustments as these cost us in the field quite a bit.
    4. Please do not extend advance tipping to our crew at start of your tour.
      DOs DON’Ts

      Since this shall be a group activity at close quarters, we suggest the following for the esteemed participants.

      1. Avoid smoking while there is group activity.
      2. No smoking while inside Taurus or camping trailers or your tents. You may smoke while there is a break journey or outside the camp. Please consult the crew to have smoke break.
      3. Alcohol consumption is a big NO NO if its a mixed group.
      4. Chewing of any tobacco products, chewing gum, anything which may spread unpleasant smell is discouraged, if you have to then ensure it doesn’t cause discomfort to others. Dispose of the by-products of suck activities suitably.
      5. One may listen to personal music with own headphones, as long as it’s for own self.

        WE SHALL NOT BE 
  1. We shall not handle any kind of the disputes arising out of personal behavior of any participant with anyone on roadside or any kind of location or even amongst the participants. The consequences shall be faced by the participant. We shall not be responsible for any kind of compensation or legal consequences, if it has to be done then its the participant who has to pay.
  2. We shall try to provide individual lockers for keeping the equipment for the night and travel. Its up to the participants to accept it, its optional and free, but no safety is guaranteed.
  3. Consequences of any kind (loss of money, loss of job, loff of life or limb, expenditure of all kinds) arising out of natural calamities, technical failures of any equipment/ machine/ the truck and accidents of any kind or political upheaval resulting in delay, health issues, losses of kind, and monetary losses.
  4. If weather, medical emergency or kind of act or event causes delay and any participant has to stay extra, one shall have to pay extra as cash (so make arrangements for your own cash). However we shall make every effort to coordinate for a place (hut, resort, camp, hotel, caravan, homestay and any other kind of accommodation or facilities) to stay and shall be arranged only if its available and there is no booking or causes no other delay of deployment of infrastructure/ Taurus the Truck. All to be paid as extra by the participants individually or as a group before check-out.
  5. If any offence is committed by any participant while being on the trip with GDE and detained by any kind of local government authorities, we shall not be responsible for anything. If the participant is detained by the authorities, the group shall proceed for the rest of the program and there shall be no refund for the balance of the period of the itinerary. Any further journey to reach nearest railway station, air or surface transport shall be the responsibility of the individual. We can only extend humanitarian help to coordinate between the individual and his family or friends.
  6. Its the responsibility of the participants, who have requested us to coordinate and organise their expeditions, to understand every aspect of the program and be clear before confirming one’s participation. We have tried our best to project the best details possible to the best our knowledge on our comprehensive website. However, if you still have some concerns, please send one single mail with all your questions and queries.Also


    1. It’s a self-service camp, please leave your utensils, after the meal, at the dish washing area and after removing any food leftover in your plate.
    2. Pack your sleeping bags before going out everyday.
    3. There are no refunds of any kinds for any reasons.
    4. You have to pay for your medical expenses, including the oxygen consumed onboard Taurus.
    5. Crew is worthy of respect and not to be considered as personal servants.
    6. Money has been paid only to be your co-coordinators of various resources to organise your holiday.
    7. There are no guarantees of any kinds in the tough terrain and unpredictable weather conditions.
    8. Be rest assured we shall put in our best effort.
    9. You need to trust us.