Holidays for Anglers

Program Code : DS-05


Ironically, anglers, golfers and photographers tend to get so focused on their hobbies that their families feel neglected and overlooked on such adventure. Both sides have issues, anglers are madly passionate and demand no comforts on adventure trips and can rough it out, and families not being mad about fishing thus wish to be more on a “angling holidays” fun trip! We organise the right “concoction” for that,  bring along your family members and you focus on angling and we engage them with holiday activities and enjoy together cooking fish on Weber Grill. Its so much of fun!

Pong Dam and Taurus (The Truck)  in tandem will offer the most exhilarating holidays (experiential)  for discerning anglers and novices to this sport. We offer the best logistics for ‘in-situ’ which none can match as of now. With the advent of our “mobile camping unit” – Taurus – India’s First Overland Truck, we have added a new dimension to the Indian holidays, the experience offered is unsurpassed as now.

  1. We will organise permits for anglers on per day basis.
  2. Weber Grill will be available for cooking, if you know how to cook fish, at no extra cost.
  3. Taurus will be anchored on the banks of Maharana Pratap Sagar.
  4. We have 4 of angler’s chairs, available on prior intimation and booking.
  5. Personal angling kit to be brought along by the guests.
  6. The kitchen with its Weber Grills will keep you well fed and tea/ coffee.
  7. Our fishing holidays cater for everyone: from the novices/ inexperienced  who just want to try a quick one-day adventure, to those who want to learn about angling for a day or two, to the dedicated angling connoisseur who wants to enjoy the sport on holiday.
  8. To know about features and facilities on-board Taurus.
Group Size: 01 to 10 persons
Duration: You may spend a day or more, its your wish, as per the tariff.
Season: September to December
Tariff: Call or WhatsApp +91-9888 380386. +91-6280 595008
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