A Day Onboard Taurus

Become a Taurus Time Traveler

A day on board Taurus is like an eternity which stretches well beyond the journey – Together we set the pace of a gentle rhythm that begins at the crack of dawn with a delightful cup of tea, its an experience like a ritual. That’s when you step on to be the first green dot…to make a difference to make the Planet Earth a better to live.

Taurus on the banks of the River Dras

Kitchen side of Taurus at breakfast time

Nature is never in a hurry and yet everything is accomplished – Your well being is our prime concern so just surrender yourself and soak in the day to reflect on the wonderful sights and sounds as the day unfolds and the miles roll by.

You will tap dance through the day punctuated by halts to soak in the wonders of nature and rural life that has been in harmony with its surroundings through the ages – listen to the flowers bloom and feel the soft sand dunes unfold like pages in your personal album.

Taste an afternoon on the banks of a lake to hear the reflections of the day – the aromas of village life where you taste the vivid colours of simplicity. Touch the cold stone of a fort which has stood for centuries as witness to tides and times of history – only if those walls could speak, what stories they would tell! That is the dotted line of your own personal journey!

We will bump through roads waiting for a herd of tinkling goats make way for your journey. You will get to freeze frame your day through the lens of your cameras – what you capture is yours for ever! You will connect the dots – Green Forever!

Ever so slowly the evening blanket covers the sky with twinkling billion stars and we roll to a gentle halt – That is when Taurus comes alive with tents and the aromas of dinner cooking in our very own kitchen. The stars above sparkle for you while you ride the moonbeams through the night …….. that’s the Green Dot that that gently puts you to sleep in soft comfort. Full stop till you awaken to the whistle of the tea kettle to a new dawn … and the Green Dot Expeditions lead you on to a new day.


Weber Barbecue Grill Deployed on the river banks of Indus