Caravan Aristocratic Nomadic Holidays in Wilderness

Caravan Campervan Holidays for your Family and Soulmate 

5 days/ 4 nights   |  6-8 persons   |
Stay   |    Food     |  Transport     | Recreation 

Jaisalmer  |   Khaba  |  Khuri  |  Munabo  |  Kiradu Temples  |  Gadra Road  | Barmer

<img src="caravan Offbeat private sunrise jaisalmer.jpeg" alt=" caravan high quality glamping campervan rv nomadic holiday for romantic couples unique experience of outdoor overlanding camp away from tourists to relax unwind quiet place at secluded khaba fort jaisalmer rajasthan india">  

Caravan Holidays are the best to be safe from Corona COVID-19 and rather it’s best to rejuvenate. Family enjoying private Sunset hosted by Taurus the best Campervan Camping to enjoy the best vanlife, at Damodra (Jaisalmer) Rajasthan, Best vacation for couples to romance in wilderness with nature

<img src="caravan campervan offbeat holidays in desert rajasthan.jpeg" alt="best caravan campervan camping camel ride safari thar desert pristine virgin sand dunes with campervan all modern amenities of camp border family holidays away from sam sand dunes best day activity caravan jaisalmer rajasthan india">    

Taurus – the best motorhome (caravan) of India, parked next to Sands Dunes, no tourists around, imagine the unlimited pleasure of Vanlife Campervan Camping, best rustic nomadic. Best overlanding experience for exciting road trip in India

<img src="offbeat campervan rv camp barbecue.jpeg" alt="caravan campervan vacation overlanding holiday with weber barbecue meal in wilderness at sunset sunrise jaisalmer rajasthan for best road trip with india's best rv recreational vehicle"> 

Taurus- the best RV Campervan at Dusk in wilderness at secluded exotic location outside Jaisalmer (Rajasthan) India to experience the best of Thar Desert

<img src="caravan private sunset for family vacation in motorhome.jpeg" alt="best motorhome rv recreational vehicle caravan camel ride safari thar desert pristine virgin sand dunes with campervan overland truck all modern amenities of camp border family holidays away from sam sand dunes best day activity jaisalmer rajasthan india"> 

Family enjoying private and exclusive Sunset hosted by Taurus the best RV in India to offer most well equipped  caravan/ campervan outside Jaisalmer in wilderness to experience the best motorhome and vanlife in India

Holidays to Enhance Your Life 

Wake up to captivating sunrises over a vast undulating landscape in wilderness. End your day on the untouched, unspoilt sand dunes painted golden by the setting sun. After a scrumptious dinner from the kitchen of Taurus – India’s best recreational vehicle (with features of caravan, campervan, motorhome, overland truck), retire for the night under the blanket of a billion stars with huge rooftop of the open sky. Nothing else, just you and the serene tranquility around you.  In between, visit the ancient temples and ruins, ghost towns and the real villages of Rajasthan, away from the tourist glare. This is the Rajasthan hinterland where tourists do not dare to venture, you stay away from the touristy crowds. Drive along Mars like landscapes and pay a visit to India’s remote border post.

Its one of a kind desert exploration expedition to the far corners of Rajasthan, offering a magical experience possible one can do only while being onboard the Taurus – India’s First Luxury Overland Truck.

<img src="flash photography best photo tour.jpeg" alt="best photo tour for women girls spiti ladakh to shoot landscape milkyway astrophotography light painting time lapse night sky startrails culture best food and comfortable campervan caravan vanlife camp in wilderness offbeat locations pushkar jaisalmer rajasthan">   

Rajasthani Folk Singers photographed with Elinchrom Quadra Ranger on the Best Photo Tour curated by Capt Suresh Sharma in Rajasthan, India

<img src="caravan motorhome private camel ride safari family vacation.jpeg" alt="camel ride safari thar desert pristine virgin sand dunes with caravan rv recreational vehicle motorhome campervan all modern amenities of camp border family holidays away from sam sand dunes best day activity jaisalmer rajasthan india">    

Exclusive Camel Safari in private setting in wilderness hosted by the best campervan RV Luxury Overland Truck of India


Code: RJ-04

  • 5 days/ 4 nights
  • Group size: max 8 participants
  • Curated by experts and passionate travellers, Veteran Officer of the Indian Army
  • Best vanlife experience with India’s most well equipped ‘overland truck’ which is a hybrid RV (recreational vehicle) with features of caravan,  motorhome, campervan to taste ‘nomadic overlanding’
  • Khaba Fort and Khaba village half in ruins
  • Exciting drive on Border Road around 130 kms, scantily inhabited.
  • Meet and greet the soldiers at a forward area Border Post
  • Kiradu Temples – Khajuraho of Rajasthan
  • Private sunrise and sunset while enjoying hot tea and snacks, an experience with no parallel in India as of now.
  • War Memorial of the Indian Railways – unknown to the most
  • Experience Thar Desert like never before
  • Best of Silence & Tranquility
  • Pristine Sand Dunes
  • Rich colourful culture of Havelis and Forts
  • Unprecedented vast open landscape ample tranquility
  • Camel Safari
  • Camel Rides
  • Experience the real rejuvenation
  • Best photography opportunities
  • Billion Star Night… an unforgettable experience
  • Moonlit night while being in wilderness, with comforts, is an experience beyond any price tag
  • Photography tips by Capt Suresh Sharma and his company are priceless.

GRADING: Easy for average fitness.

NATIONALITY: Available for Indian Nationals only, as border areas are restricted for foreign nationals.


Day 1: Damodra, 30 minutes from Jaisalmer. Night stay onboard Taurus in total wilderness.

<img src="private camp for family vacation damodra.jpeg" alt="camp in wilderness of thar desert pristine virgin sand dunes with campervan all modern amenities of camp border family holidays away from sam sand dunes best day activity with caravan damodra jaisalmer rajasthan">    

Taurus the best campervan caravan, RV, motorhome is deployed a few kilometers off  Damodra village Jaisalmer rajasthan, India

Day 2: After breakfast, cross country camel safari (optional/as extra) to Khaba Fort, field lunch onboard Taurus at Khaba. Others on-board Taurus will drive to Khaba, after lunch all guests drive to Khuri, witness sunset over the famous sand dunes.

Night stay onboard Taurus outside Khuri village.

Day 3:  Border road drive of almost 130 kms to Munabao. Pristine sand dunes. Visit Indian Railway War Memorial, one of its kind. Night at Gadra Road onboard Taurus.

Day 4: Border Post to meet soldiers. Drive on Barmer road, take a pit-stop at Gadra Road. Stay onboard Taurus near Kiradu Temple complex.

Day 5: You may choose to either travel with Taurus to Jaisalmer or under own arrangements to Jodhpur. Also you could explore Barmer and with loads of memories and say Goodbye to Taurus!

<img src="caravan campervan camp next to lake jaisalmer.jpeg" alt="caravan offbeat luxury overland truck campervan rv recreational vehicle motorhome at lakeside camp virgin pure pristine sand dunes for best sunset sunrise jaisalmer rajasthan india">

The best lakeside campervan camping anchored at Dedha village Lake, away from crowd, Jaisalmer Rajasthan (India). Hosted by TAURUS – the most well equipped recreational vehicle which is hybrid RV with features of caravan and overland truck.


Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5


  1. We would like to suggest that Jodhpur should be explored on your own, if you need our help in coordinating services on ground i.e. taxi and stay, we will do our best on actual bills you pay directly. Though, it will be much cheaper to do direct bookings to explore via travel portals.
  2. Pick up and drop is available only for the group (8 guests) arrivals and departures. Less than that will be paid by the guests directly.

By Air: Jaisalmer is connected by air, under special scheme UDAN by the Prime Minister. There are daily flights to Jaisalmer now.

By Train: Jaisalmer is well connected with major cities.

By Road: Jaisalmer is well connected by good road as well.

TERMS AND CONDITION Must read Pre-Booking Information

TARIFF GRADING: Platinum and Gold We have two tariff plans – basic plan (with offer to pay as you use and consume), all inclusive. Call  (+91-9888 380386, +91-6280 595008) for tariff. Please check the general details about tariff.


Only the following are included in the package for RJ-4, rest everything is NOT included.

  • Stay on twin sharing basis as described. During Corona Pandemic, we may pitch up single occupancy dome tents on ground.
  • Indian homely veg  meals as buffet (self-service), from the kitchen of Taurus only, without beverages.
  • One visit to the Border Post to meet and greet the soldiers, if circumstances allow.
  • The services of Taurus will be available from Damodra to Barmer.
  • Pick up and drop is available ‘on-demand’ as extra.
  • Taurus as transport to travel all onboard for the itinerary.
  • Stay onboard Taurus as per the accommodation available on rotational basis and sleeping bags are provided by us.
  • We provide Filtered Water to drink, please bring your own bottles to refill.


  • Anything not mentioned above and in the list of WHAT IS INCLUDED.
  • Journey from home to Taurus and Taurus to homewards
  • Transport for medical emergencies, shopping, personal trips or any activity which is not included in the package
  • Guides, escorts and porters. Entry ticket for any place
  • Non-veg meals, beverages other than mentioned above
  • Food/ meals/ snacks/ tea while travelling and on excursions and consumed outside Taurus.
  • Camel ride and Camel Safari
  • Dinner/ snacks with bonfire and local cultural program at Khuri
  • Medical insurance, accident rescue, medical expenses, insurance of all kinds.
  • Loss of anything.

More details in general about What is Included and What is NOT included …


The following have been planned as optional activities/ events/ items to save your time, energy and money; also you will be able to exercise your own options/ choice. Basically you pay for what you use and consume. 

  1. We suggest for the first time visitors to Jaisalmer to arrive earlier than the day 1 of this program an explore the Golden City on your own (it’s easy and cheaper) or at the completion of your program. In case you need our help to coordinate logistics then we will extend best possible.
  2. On Day 2, in the evening, we may organise a local cultural program with non veg dinner and bonfire at Khuri, its optional and arranged on request with extra payment.
  3. On Day 2, camel safari is optional activity (pay extra),  some may not like.
  4. On the Day 5, of your holiday at Barmer, you may travel onboard Taurus from Barmer to Jaisalmer to explore its beauty before homeward journey, under own arrangements. Jaisalmer is connected by air now, it will be easy for you to travel by air for home.
  5. On the Day 5, from Barmer you may travel to Jodhpur by train, state transport buses or by taxi. Exercise own choice to explore Jodhpur and its beauty under own arrangements.
  6. Explore Barmer and around, under own arrangements.
  7. On your firm demand, we can organise “Laal Maans” dinner at Damodra, on extra payment, without any adjustment in tariff.
  8. We can organise camel safari for a day or overnight, as extra activity.
<img src="caravan campervan exclusive family holidays.jpeg" alt="offbeat campervan overlanding vanlife thar desert caravan camp best for family, all women groups, single girl, to relax, rejuvenate with nature, secluded camp locations, best veg food best way to explore damodra khaba sam sand dunes jaisalmer rajasthan">  

We offer the best experiential holidays at Khaba. Taurus – the most well equipped overland truck RV (recreational vehicle) with features of motorhome, caravan, campervan, offers exhilarating morning evening experience with private sunrise/ sunset event at KHABA FORT, this event has no match as of now in India

<img src="caravan campervan exclusive desert camel safari ride.jpeg" alt="offbeat caravan campervan rv motorhome recreational vehicle private exclusive camel ride safari thar desert in wilderness pristine virgin sand dunes with all comforts of camp border offbeat family holidays romantic vacation for couples jaisalmer rajasthan">    

Taurus- best campervan (caravan and motorhome) RV Overland Truck is parked next to remote village surrounded by pristine untouched sand dunes in wilderness where its pristine nature to experience, unique for the urban denizens in India. Exhilarating nomadic overlanding.

<img src="caravan campervan milkyway shoot night sky.jpeg" alt="motorhome offbeat exotic secluded location overlanding in the thar desert caravan campervan for photographers to do astrophotography night sky milkyway light painting, secluded quiet peaceful camp location supported by hygienic camp jaisalmer rajasthan india">   

Taurus – India’s First Overland Truck the best hybrid combination of caravan/ motorhome/ campervan/RV. Offers the best night photography opportunities and to shoot the Milkyway in Rajasthan, India. Its the most unique and well developed ‘mobile camping’ and now people call it ‘mobile glamping’, a new concept in the entire tourism industry.

<img src="night photography with caravan campervan.jpeg" alt="offbeat location overlanding in the thar desert caravan campervan for photographers to do astrophotography night sky milkyway light painting, time lapse at secluded quiet peaceful camp location supported by  hygienic camp jaisalmer rajasthan india">   

Taurus – India’s First Luxury Overland Truck is the best logistical support for night photography in and around Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India. Its the most exhilarating holiday for photographers with our RV which has features of caravan, campervan, motorhome. It has the best kitchen for outdoors. Most fruitful curated and escorted photo tours while enjoying ‘nomadic overlanding’.

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