Rajasthani Old Lady in traditional dress.

Barmer city is district headquarter of one of the border districts of Rajasthan, about 200 kilometers from Jodhpur. It is a small town filled with vibrant colours, rich heritage and known for warm hospitality, representing the true reflection of Rajasthan all summed up in it. Barmer is known for its folk music, dance, carved wooden furniture and hand block printing industry. The Bhopas (priest singers) are found in Barmer, who compose music in honour of the deities of the region and its war heroes. The other folk musicians come from a community called the Muslim Dholis (drummers) for most of whom this is the only means of livelihood. Langas and Manganiars are the some of these communities.

Nestled right at the beginning of the great Indian Thar Desert, Barmer is a beautiful charming town that owns its fair share of rich historical past. Adorned with several historical sites such as lofty forts and palaces other than temples, you can always witness the rustic environment all around.

Adding charm to the raw beauty of the town are the camels trudging along the barren terrain, artisans busy in showing their rich crafts such as pottery, weaving, woodcarving, dance and music. Despite the harsh weather conditions and barren land, the place has attracted tourists from all around the globe displaying their brilliant craftsmanship especially in handicrafts, embroidery work and other traditional art forms.