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Caravan – Campervan Circuit Rajasthan

We offer caravan/ campervan/ motorhome special outdoor experiential holidays which are private, personal and exclusive and safe from Corona COVID-19; being away from touristy crowd. Hosted by Taurus – India’s best recreational vehicle (RV) ‘all-in-one’ solution like a Swiss-Army-Knife for nomadic overlanding holidays. Its the best recreational vehicle (RV) in India with combination of caravan/ campervan/ motorhome/ overland truck, a hybrid mobile glamping.

Expedition Highlights

  • Duration: 5 Days/ 4 nights.
  • Start Point: Churu (you may choose the dates if you are 6 to 8 persons) and
  • Finish Point: Bikaner.
  • Group size: max of 8 -10
  • Experience authentic rural Rajasthan the way only Royals could do before you
  • TAURUS – India’s First Luxury Overland Truck for outdoor holidays.
  • Most unique infrastructure as recreational  vehicle (RV, caravan, campervan, motorhome, overland truck).
  • Offbeat, exotic, secluded locales
  • Taal Chhappar Wildlife Sanctuary for largest congregation of black bucks
  • Havelis and forts.
  • Heritage & culture of Rajasthan
  • Most unique temple in the world- THE KARNI MATA TEMPLE
  • Photography opportunities
  • Photography tips by the expert, Capt Suresh Sharma.
  • Experience the small town charm.
  • Handsome Rajasthani Folks.
  • Abundance of tranquility in the lap of Nature.
  • Rajasthani cuisine at Bikaner
  • An unforgettable experience, THE BILLION STARS NIGHT or the moonlit night.
  • World famous Pushkar Cattle Fair available only as an extension of the tour
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Taurus outside Churu. Lunch time.

 <img src="best motorhome campervan offbeat family holidays.jpeg" alt="caravan campervan vacation covid19 corona safe soft adventure overlanding holiday onboard overland truck vanlife wilderness best for family churu taal chhaappar tanot jaisalmer rajasthan india">

Taurus – Overland Truck caravan campervan camping near sand dunes rural Rajasthan, India

GRADING: Easy for average fitness


Day 1: Arrive at Churu. Stay on-board Taurus in wilderness, about 10 kms from the town.

Day 2: Explore Churu in the morning. Taurus will drive you to Taal Chhaapar, to visit the famous wildlife sanctuary. Night onboard Taurus.

Day 3: Taal Chhaapar, a morning walk in the wildlife sanctuary. After breakfast drive to Bikaner. Night on-board Taurus.

Day 4: After early breakfast, visit monuments of Bikaner (in a taxi).

OPTIONAL: Optional visit Deshnok for famous Karni Mata Temple, also known as Rat Temple. Night on-board Taurus at Bikaner.

Day 5: After breakfast, its time to say goodbye to Taurus at Bikaner.

  1. If the whole group wishes to spend an extra night at Bikaner, we offer special discount for the day, if there is vacancy.
  2. Ride to Pushkar: if you wish to hitch-hike with Taurus from Bikaner to Pushkaryou are welcome (you pay only for transport and one field lunch). If you wish to spend 2 nights or more at Pushkar and provided we have vacancy you are welcome at a special discounted tariff for Pushkar only.
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    Taurus – India’s most elaborate overland truck like a caravan, but its a luxury mobile camping, is deployed as Lakeside camp at an exotic location in wilderness. Exclusive location wilderness quiet and peaceful rustic rural Jaisalmer Rajasthan at this campervan camping . Its the best to experience vanlife in India as of now.


Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5

Arrive at CHURU

After you have checked-in onboard Taurus, its time for a nice cup of tea from the most envied outdoor kitchen of Taurus. You may relax in a hammock or take a walk around the quiet countryside, experience something urban denizens crave for – open space and plenty of fresh air to breathe, swing in hammock and take a nap. The location is ideal for a Croquet game to recoup from the fatigue of city life and your journey! We set up  a private paradise for you to relax your body and mind!

During the day, you may go around this small rural town of Rajasthan which is painted with stories of opulent Marwari merchants, the Seths! Churu is one of the much lesser explored towns of Rajasthan by the commercial tour operators, but it has glory of its past and the attractions of a place sealed in time.

A wonderful night stay onboard Taurus, 10 kms away from the town of Churu.


The following are optional, pay as you consume or use.

  1. Visit the town of Churu.
  2. Veg Barbecue
  3. Lal Maans Party, typical Rajasthan cuisine.
  4. Rajasthani cuisine
  5. Camel rides
  6. Camel Safari
  7. Light games: Croquet and Golf Putting

Explore Churu and drive to Taal Chhaapar

<img src="best motorhome  camperan hygienic camp offbeat family holidays.jpeg" alt="caravan campervan vacation covid19 corona safe soft adventure overlanding holiday onboard overland truck vanlife wilderness best for family taal chhapar jaisalmer rajasthan india">  

Black-bucks at Taal Chhaapar Wildlife Sanctuary.

The early morning ritual of tea on board TAURUS, is a completely different experience at such locations for those who love outdoor life – it’s an experience of trance in real. We set out for a heritage walk around the Churu town (distance 10 kms) and enjoy the old and small town charm. After lunch, we drive to the famous Taal Chhaapar Wildlife Sanctuary which is a two hours nice drive from Churu. Night stay on board Taurus outside Taal Chhaapar.

<img src="photo tour motorhome camperan offbeat family holidays.jpeg" alt="caravan campervan vacationcovid19 corona safe soft adventure overlanding holiday onboard overland truck vanlife wilderness best for family taal chhapar jaisalmer rajasthan india">  

We offer unique exclusive rustic experience of rural India. Tonga ride inside the Wildlife Sanctuary to explore the whole sanctuary area.

Reach Bikaner

After your morning tea, enjoy nature walk in the sanctuary. You will see the best congregation of Black Bucks, in Taal Chhaapar Wildlife Sanctuary. The photographer in you would be delighted to see and capture the beauty of the fauna of the sanctuary which is like a huge flat of a table top. A leisurely, sumptuous breakfast onboard Taurus will relax you after the walk and give you more time to absorb the whole experience. We then start our almost three hours of drive to Bikaner, one of the oldest cities of Rajasthan with a very rich history and culture, is famous not just for Bikaneri sweets and snacks, but also the majestic architecture and landscape.

We try our best to give our travellers an out-of-the-box experience and anchor Taurus outside the city limits.

Visit the monuments of Bikaner 

After breakfast onboard Taurus, we travel in a hired transport to explore Bikaner .

The grandeur of Bikaner will enchant you with its dazzling monuments and havelis that take you back in time to the splendour of the past and enrich the present times with the cultural heritage of the city. The city is known for the 16th-century Junagarh Fort, a huge complex of ornate buildings and halls. The Prachin Museum within the Fort, gives an insight into the traditional textiles and royal portraits. Bikaner is also known for its leather articles and handicrafts.

We may also visit Lalgarh, if the travellers are keen. And night-stay is as always, onboard TAURUS on the outskirts of the ever beautiful Bikaner!

OPTIONAL: If you wish to visit Karni Mata Temple, Deshnok about 35 kms from Bikaner, we can organise transport, on extra payment.

Karni Mata Temple (also known as Rat Temple), which is a unique experience in itself. The temple is famous for the approximately 25,000 black rats that live in the temple and are revered by members of the Charan community of Rajasthan. These holy rats, called “kabbas” (little children), are fed grains, milk, and coconuts shells from large bowls. People throng this temple in large numbers for all over the world to pay their obeisance. Consuming the leftover from the rats’ drink and food is considered holy, and is said to bring good fortune.

Journey back home

Our morning tea tradition is never missed on TAURUS. We serve you a healthy spread of breakfast with many options. After a photo session with TAURUS, it’s time to part from TAURUS, but with memories that will last a lifetime and an experience that can match to no other holiday!

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Most Unique Mobile Campervan Camping. Its an elaborate RV (recreational vehicle) which is hybrid of caravan and overland truck which offers offbeat vacation in The Thar Desert around Jaisalmer Rajasthan

caravan campervan vacationcovid19 corona safe soft adventure overlanding holiday onboard overland truck motorhome vanlife wilderness best for family tanot longewala jaisalmer rajasthan india.

Taurus near pristine Sands Dunes, no tourists caravan campervan vanlife overlanding rural India rural Rajasthan


Following basic details of the Terms & Conditions are applicable to the RJ-1. More  Terms & Conditions are applicable which are common for all the programs. In case of any doubt or clarifications, please send all your questions in one single mail and not a chain of mails to avoid confusion.

Before the booking of your holidays you must go through all the information available on this link: Pre-Booking Information

TARIFF : Please call or send WhatsApp to +91-9888 380386,    +91-6280595008
Grades for tariff: Platinum, Gold and Silver.
  • All three veg homely meals as buffet (including morning and evening tea with biscuits) onboard Taurus, while being in camp.
  • Taurus as transport to travel all onboard for the itinerary.
  • Stay onboard Taurus as per the accommodation available, twin sharing, some single occupancy.
  • Filtered water for drinking, please bring your own bottles to refill to reduce the plastic trash.
  • Taurus will be your transport to travel from Churu to Taal Chaapar to Bikaner.
  1. Only the above mentioned are included in the package, rest everything is NOT included.
  2. Journey from your home to Taurus and homeward journey.
  3. Non-veg food. Any food/ meals/ snacks/ beverages on your excursions and travel/ journey (one place to the next). Beverages of all kinds, other than mentioned in the food plan.
  4. Pick up and drop only as a group.
  5. Post Corona/ COVID-19, most of you will prefer to travel in own cars to reach Churu, therefore we are keeping transport for local Churu pick up and excursion as extra. Basically, to save your money.
  6. Any transport (for excursions) other than Taurus not included, unless specified clearly.
  7. Transport for individual/ personalised tours (shopping, excursions, medical emergencies) or for any other reasons.
  8. Visit to the wildlife sanctuary at Taal Chhappar – entry fee and any transport (some people prefer to walk).
  9. Transport to visit Deshnok and Bikaner sightseeing to visit two forts.
  10. Any kind of expenses related to medical emergencies
  11. Anything other than the mentioned food plan onboard Taurus, which means extras.
  12. Models for photography. Modelling fee for street photography, if anyone demands.
  13. Entry fee ( as well as camera fee) at monuments and wildlife sanctuary.
  14. Guides, escorts for local sightseeing and porters
  15. Camel rides, camel cart rides, or rides of any kind.
  16. Anything which is not mentioned in the list of WHAT IS INCLUDED
  17. Stay other than Taurus, under any circumstances (political upheaval, natural calamities, or reason could be any)
  18. Any services availed outside Taurus (stay or food), reasons could be any (technical breakdown of Taurus, sickness, local unrest).

NOTE: It’s a ‘self-service’ camp.

After your program is over, you can do either of these
  1. Travel (by air, road and railways) on your own from Bikaner to explore other destinations of Rajasthan or get back home. Bikaner offers good connectivity to the rest of India by rail and road. Bikaner has air connectivity.
  2. There are comfortable overnight trains from Bikaner to Delhi. Also trains are available to Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, etc. to extend your tour to explore on your own.
  3. You may explore Rajasthan a bit more, as there are numerous options and easy ways to reach Shekhawati region, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Barmer, Khichan, etc.
  4. Travel onboard Taurus to Pushkar and then explore Pushkar on your own, as extra (this extra cost will include transport to Pushkar and lunch with evening tea for the day). Your travel with Taurus shall culminate at Pushkar, on arrival itself.
  5. You may opt to have 2 nights on-board Taurus at Pushkar, if the vacancy is available, as extra tariff (discount may be available) on arrival.
  • Those who care about COVID-19, may drive own cars to Churu from Delhi, which is a good drive of 277 kms.
  • Taurus will be deployed in the countryside around 10 kms from Churu town. Location details will be shared on your arrival and you will be guided how to reach Taurus.
  • You may instead take a train from Delhi to Churu, trains take around 4.45 hours between Delhi and Churu. We will arrange your pick up as a group, as extra.
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Taurus camping in wilderness to offer caravan campervan vanlife experience at exotic location