Taurus the Truck – A Complete Camping Concept!

It harmonizes your outdoor experience with a great feel on wheels. It just does not get better than that! A unique blend of world class amenities with state of the art facilities – Every small detail has been gone into to ensure you are pampered thoroughly – This is one in a lifetime experience. A Swiss Army Knife on wheels – that is your Taurus!

The power under the hood – Taurus is a full grown handsome camper-mobile with its a muscled body with a well-crafted tough “no nonsense” look, carefully designed for outdoor activities in remote areas. Taurus has a six cylinder turbocharged engine that growls silently with 147 horses pulling you through your journey! Safety and comfort are our primary concerns.

The Best never Rest – Our team has spent a lifetime on wheels and in the outdoors! We have redefined the experience by learning from our experience over the years – Every single piece of equipment and furniture is ergonomically designed with precision for your safety and comfort. We take you seriously and leave no stone unturned to ensure your well-being.

Breakfast Time

Our Galley is a gastronomic delight! Your health is our concern and we maintain the best in class hygiene standards and this starts with our kitchen which is well equipped to churn out gourmet wonders for every palate! You will be surprised to find yourself helping with the evening meal – That is the sense of participative involvement of choice.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder! Taurus is a photographers paradise on wheels – taking the shutterbugs from one setting to the next in an unending kaleidoscope of colour and light gives the aficionado multiple options. For those who prefer to capture the scenes in “the mind’s eye” there will always be memories to fall back on which will become more vivid with each telling!

Leave a Legacy – Part of the proceeds go back to the environment and nature conservation – We believe that nature is not what we inherited from our forefathers but what we have borrowed from our children!

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Features – Facilities – Equipment 

Expeditions 2017-18