Pre-Booking Information

Since the concept of this kind of holiday is very new and we are the only ones offering it, we strongly recommend that you should go through all the information available on our website to understood its ‘nitty gritty’, what we offer and what we don’t and all related issues before you do your bookings.

In case you have any fixed expectations please clarify before booking.

Our expeditions are designed to suit active people who enjoy small group dynamics, as the interaction shall be as small group like a family, where we need to care and respect others first. Our expeditions are far from the `picnic’ culture, where people enjoy dancing and loud music with liquor.

We don’t want to be selected for just a fancy for caravan tours, be sure about what you are expecting and you getting and why you are booking your holidays with us.

  1. FAQs – must read FAQs 
  2. Who can Come on Our Expeditions
  3. What is Overlanding? 
  4. Food 
  5. Transport & Accommodation
  6. Facilities for Morning Routine
  7. About Taurus
  8. DOs DON’Ts
  9. Your Undertaking
  10. Itineraries
  11. About Tariff
  13. Optional
  14. Single Supplement
  15. Your Responsibilities

TRAVELLING WITH CHILDREN: Taurus offers wonderful outdoor experience for children of any age and enhances their growth with quality activities, as long as parents take care of their personal needs with whatever we have onboard. Some extra terms may apply. In fact, its part of our mission to inculcate the spirit of outdoors and adventure in the young minds.

We are Committed to Environment & Nature Conservation 

Green Dot Expeditions is genuinely pursuing ‘NATURE CONSERVATION’ with a missionary zeal.