What is Overlanding?

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If you’re looking for outdoor life which injects adrenal in your veins to keep you high in life, then look no further than our Truck. Our Overland Expeditions on our special truck are perfect for both seasoned travellers and first-timers – you join a group of travellers and photographers, all of whom want to explore the unknown, drive off into the nature’s best with a self-contained transport, and craving for the best time of life.

Overland truck tours are for those who either have belly fire for outdoor and wanderlust or are keen to kindle such fire, but understand what to expect and how to live on outdoor exploratory trips offered by GDE. You want to really set out and explore the world with your camera or to experience the real culture and places that are off the beaten track and have remained off your access especially for night stays? You want to enjoy the journey where you will find your own destinations with the help of Taurus. You have a sense of adventure? You are up for anything and willing to get involved? Do you have a reasonable level of fitness (although our trips are comfortable enough that anyone can make it)?

If so, then GDE offers just what is right for you!

Overlanding is for you if you are:

  • In love with nature and outdoor, love being away from touristy places,
  • Excited about experiencing cultures and places that are off the conventional tourism or say staying in locations, in the middle of nowhere, on the way is quite exciting
  • Excited about getting out and seeing the world, experiencing cultures and places that are off the beaten track of commercial tourism or say slightly away from usual itineraries or even being in a routine place for a night?
  • Equipped with a sense of adventure?
  • Up for anything and willing to get involved camping chores?
  • Reasonably fit and healthy?
  • Willing to endure the occasional hardship in the pursuit of experiences you will never forget?
  • Absolute focus is NOT on liquor and non-veg food on a holiday?
  • Enjoy tranquility, solitude offered by the quiet places away from humdrum of crowded touristy places?
  • An early riser and not stuck on bathing every day?
  • These expeditions are clearly NOT for those who like to sleep late at night and get up late in the morning.
  • Yes to all of the above? If so, overlanding sounds like it might be for you!

We do include popular destinations as well.