We have tried to compile some FAQs to explain about this new concept, if you have something which has not been attended to here, please feel free to write to us or call on phone.

  1. WHAT IS OUR OVERLAND TOUR Overlanding, as the name would suggest, is about exploring the world whilst crossing as little water as possible. But it is so much more than that – overlanding is a travel philosophy where the journey is the focus, not the destination. We specialise in offering the best outdoor experience … best NOMADIC LIFE and travel photography expeditions/ tours in India.
  2. IS OVERLANDING FOR ME? Overland truck tours are for those who either have belly fire for outdoor and wanderlust or are keen to kindle such fire, but understand what to expect and how to live on outdoor exploratory trips offered by GDE.You want to really set out and explore the world with your camera or to experience the real culture and places that are off the beaten track and have remained off your access especially for night stays? You have a sense of adventure? You are up for anything and willing to get involved? Do you have a reasonable level of fitness (although our trips are comfortable enough that anyone can make it)? The thought of following a loads of other similar tours all doing the same thing along the same beaten track make you want to stay back home? If so, then GDE offers just what is right for you!

    Are you:

    1. In love with outdoor.
    2. Excited about getting out and seeing the world, experiencing cultures and places that are off the beaten track or say staying there in locations is quite exciting?
    3. Equipped with a sense of adventure?
    4. Up for anything and willing to get involved?
    5. Reasonably fit and healthy?
    6. Willing to endure the occasional hardship in the pursuit of experiences you will never forget?
    7. Looking forward to travelling with other people who can also say Yes to all of the above? If so, over landing sounds like it might be for you!
    8. Focus is NOT on liquor and non-veg food on a holiday?
    9. While on our expeditions, you have to sleep early and be early riser as well, to enjoy this kind of activity. An early riser and not stuck on bathing everyday?
    10. Excited about getting out and seeing the world, experiencing cultures and places that are off the beaten track or slightly away from usual itineraries or even being in a routine place for a night?
    11. Equipped with a sense of adventure?
    12. Up for anything and willing to get involved camping chores?
    13. Reasonably fit and healthy?
    14. Willing to endure the occasional hardship in the pursuit of experiences you will never forget?
    15. Looking forward to travelling with other people who can also say Yes to all of the above?
    16. If so, ‘overlanding’ sounds like it might be for you!
  3. WHAT KIND OF CAMPING EQUIPMENT GDE TRUCK HAS We are well equipped with outdoor field kitchen, which shall give good food. But not to be compared with the facilities of restaurant, static camping, hotel or a resort. Its self service and we don’t serve food on table with waiters. We have camping equipment to ensure some level of fun and comfort.  Care of the equipment while using should be as if it belongs to you, respect it please.We shall have outdoor chairs. We have three hammocks; where possible we anchor these.
  4. Is it a good idea to take small children camping onboard Taurus in Ladakh? Yes, any age, as long as parents shall take care, we have no staff to take care, as it could be done by some hotels Otherwise, the high altitude doesn’t affect small children badly. Though we highly recommend you to consult doctors.
  5. What do you do if it rains while you are camping? Well, we can’t control the weather so we just have to make the best of it. Rain or any other type of bad weather can really alter outdoor plans. It can be nice and beautiful one moment and not exciting the next. When one understands about outdoor life and one is prepared for any surprises by weather, a little planning and preparation can reduce the problems and the disappointment of bad weather on your activities. We do anticipate the possibilities and take suitable steps to minimize its impact on your campsite and have alternate activities planned. Be sure to consider every ones safety when making decisions.
  6. What are the basics to keep in mind while camping with Taurus? Always do your part to help keep the facilities clean and always be respectful of other campers. Extend best possible courtesy to the crew, they are not personal servants; they are coordinators of your logistics to ensure your tour or camping goes smooth and those nagging hassles of travelling are taken care. Please handle your equipment and baggage yourself. After the meals, please rinse the pates, these shall be washed by the crew. Its only to save water, as the dry plates hard to wash and take more water.
  7. How about bathing? Ladakh is very cold even in summers and in outdoors bathing everyday won’t a feasible idea, though we can provide you warm water and a tent. Best is one should get used to taking sponge bath. Conditions of bathhouse facilities vary at each location.
  8. What items do I need to take when I go on a camping trip? A comprehensive list shall be sent. Though few tips are here: carry a brim hat, sun lotion, comfortable walking shoes, full sleeve shirts, thermals, extra socks, gloves, skin moisturizer, personal medicines, etc. The things you will need to take with you depends on what type of camping you want to do, the time of year and also on the activities you plan on doing. For example, if you are backpacking you will have to take more practical type items and be more concerned with weight and size. If you are camping with children, you should consider comfort and also bring more activity type items to keep them busy. Check out our general check-list and customize them to fit your particular needs. Don’t fuss at camp–leave the makeup, special soaps and lotions, hair dryer and curling iron, razors, etc. at home.
  9. Where should I look for camping and outdoor gear in India? Nearest Decathlon store, else decathlon online.
  10. What are the typical camp rules?
  11. May I bring pet? Ideally not; but yes with certain restrictions and advisory. Bring suitable food and sleeping arrangements for your pet, who shall not be sleeping onboard Taurus, we shall not able to provide any food for your pet. However they are required to be on a leash at all times. Pets should not be left unattended at the campsite, we won’t be able to handle in your absence. Pets are not allowed to the kitchen and dining area.
  12. Taurus has quilts and blankets? We have branded sleeping bags of -5 (minus five degrees Celsius) and -10 degrees (minus ten degrees Celsius)
  13. What kind of toilets do GDE provide? We have two field toilets for routine, which are of a reputed brand from the USA. However we have onboard toilet which is for bad weather and emergencies, otherwise not available for routine use, as its chemical toilet and we want to use chemicals as little as possible.
  14. What are the means of entertainment onboard Taurus? We have some light games i.e. croquet set, golf putting mat, darts, table games, etc. which are suitable for high altitude.
  15. Is it possible to extend stay? Yes, if we do not have other bookings and no other prescheduled programs.
  16. How about privacy? It’s a unique camping system, which is compact as it’s based on a vehicle. Therefore, everything is in close proximity and the privacy is provided only by the canvas of the tent. However, if you wish to camp a bit away in dome tent to seek privacy, we shall provide you a dome tent.
  17. May I bring my vehicle along? Sure, but we shall not be paying for it.
  18. If have to pay for something extra, how to pay? Please carry your ATM cards, debit cards and suitable amount of cash. We shall not be able to accept bank cheques under any circumstances. All bills shall be cleared by the responsible guests before leaving the camp location.
  19. May I have campfire or bonfire? We discourage campfire/ bonfire in Ladakh and even otherwise, as we are advocating and following the principles of eco-tourism. Ladakh has scarce wood and we shall be depriving of a Ladakhi family of firewood to keep going when temperature dips -20 to -25 degrees Celsius. Yes, only on the last day, we may organize a bonfire of cow-dung cakes only, as this shall support a family while we buy local resource. Also, when its windy, it won’t happen.
  20. May I to go shopping or visit a spot of my choice? Yes, you may go on your personal shopping and anywhere of your interest. We shall help you to get transport for yourself, but the bill is supported by your purse.
  21. Are we allowed to do night photography? Preferably, only on Astrophotography expeditions. But others, may try with some advisory and restrictions – as long it doesn’t disturb others. And no fireworks, praying lanterns or any kind of open fire performances are allowed in the camping for photography or fun sake. No music at night, no noise.
  22. Am I allowed to sell or promote anything amongst the group members? No, please, others may not like. Yes, you may share your ideas and visiting cards, but no other literature etc.
  23. What kind of photos I am allowed to click onboard Taurus? Welcome to have any number of photo sessions, as long one is disrupting camp routine and hinders no other camping guests. And you are welcome to shoot general photos, which means Taurus in the background, you are posing with or without your friends infront of Taurus. But not doing photo shoots to take down the intricacies of the design.
  24. What are the guidelines for photographers? Please do not photograph any bridges or any property where its displayed PHOTOGRAPHY NOT ALLOWED. As a matter of principle, please do not take any kind of photos of the defense/ government establishment/ army establishment property to be seen in the images which can reveal its presence in any location. With people?
  25. Is it suitable for guests with disabilities? Please regret to say here that Taurus may pose serious difficulties for anyone who cannot climb ladders.
  26. Any diet for diabetic? You must tell us before booking about your status. We try our best to accommodate for such special diet, but we may not be able to make elaborate arrangements; we carry oatmeal, salty biscuits, we may also make arrangements at extra cost if we have to buy very special ration items.
  27. Can we invite our friends who are already in the area where Taurus is deployed? Yes, why not – if the number is not more than 2-3 and only for a meal of cup of tea and NOT for stay, unless paid extra for one full seat for the duration; but must consult the Team Leader of the Crew onboard Taurus to know what are the possibilities. You may have to pay extra charge. 
  28. What are documents needed? You are requested to carry the attested Photocopies of Adhar card, driving license, ten passport photos, PAN card photos. You
  29. Is there any baggage checking like at airports? Yes, considering the safety and present day scenario we shall check your bagged in detail in private though. Please don’t bring weapons or any banned items, we may not allot you accommodation onboard Taurus, without any kind of refund. You will have to arrange transport to reach any nearest accommodation under own arrangements.
  30. Please bring two copies of the list of valuable items i.e. watches, expensive torches, camera gear, cellphones, etc.
  31. You are advised not bring any kind jewelry along other than what is on body. We shall not be responsible for any such losses. We shall provide you with a locker, fitted with Godrej lock. Loss of the key of your locker means you will have to pay Rs 2500 (to get the lock replaced, which means the cost of the lock, installation, loos off wood and mica and related materials).
  32. Is camping safe? Ladakh is the safest place in India to camp outside village limits all alone; we shall be 11 persons at camp (crew and participants) so should be any kind of issues. No guarantees. Life is quite safe in Ladakh, there is no risk other than landslides etc. Safety of our participants  is our highest priority. We adhere to all safety standards and maintain every necessary basic equipment & med first aid kid to the best of our knowledge and experience. We have top class Oxygen cylinder with good capacity
  33. Is there electricity at the campsites for charging? We have two power invertors (SuKam, one of the best brands in India) to convert 12 V DC into 220 V AC from two exclusive truck batteries. We do not have running electricity at the campsites from power lines. In case of emergency charging of phones you can ask our campsite manager to help. However, we suggest you should carry portable chargers with you.
  34. How big is the tent? We have two standard ‘three men tent’ which are deployed for double occupancy. There are 4 tents which look like hanging in air, these are for single occupancy, with strong reinforced platform.
  35. Can I choose my tent? Yes, with single supplement, which either shall be mentioned with your itinerary or else please check before booking.
  36. Are the tents protected against bugs & insects? Ladakh being a very cold area has no harmful insects. There are no snakes, lizards and scorpions.
  37. Do I have to know the local language? No need, we have Ladakhi crew member onboard.
  38. How many members of your team will be present at the campsite? 2 to 3
  39. What are the amenities at the camp? It’s not like a static camp. But we render a unique nomadic experience in comfort. We have equipped Taurus with best possible for the purpose i.e. camping equipment has come from Decathlon, best as of now in India. We have very well equipped kitchen for nomadic camping. We have enough arrangements for toilets etc. But everything has to be sued carefully i.e. water, electricity. This infrastructure is good enough to make anyone comfortable in the middle of nowhere.
  40. May I reserve a tent for myself, the same for every night? Yes, there is Single Supplement, which is mentioned in your itinerary, otherwise please check at the time of booking. Otherwise, we prefer to allot tents on rotational basis.
  41. Can we bring our own tent? Yes, but there shall not be any deductions or refund in the tariff.
  42. Do I have to participate for the camping chores? Yes, for few things only i.e. it’s a self-service camp, we do not have staff like a static camping, participants are expected to handle their own baggage, pick up food from buffet table, after the meal just rinse the place to prevent drying with leftover food to save water. No camera gear shall be handled by the crew, however if you wish to seek help for a moment then we shall not responsible individually or collectively for any accidental damage or in any way.