Who Can Be On Our Tours/ Expeditions

We specialise in offering the best outdoor experience …  NOMADIC LIFESTYLE in comfort and travel photography expeditions and photo tours in India. We offer absolutely high quality outdoor experience, it’s like 5 Star for those who are passionate about outdoors or understand about outdoor life.


  • Either is used to outdoor life or willing to experience it.
  • Willing to take the discomfort rendered by outdoor life.
  • One who can use the bush for toilet.
  • One who can get up early.
  • Doesn’t need Bath as a daily routine.
  • Can adjust with a group and share a tent.
  • Can respect others and their work.
  • One who can enjoy outdoors and nature without alcohol and blaring music.
  • Our expeditions are far from the `picnic’ culture where people enjoy dancing and loud music with liquor.
  • Not looking for the comforts of a hotel. The three `Ls’ missing from our tours are luxury, lavish and liquor.
  • Looking for genuine and pure experience of outdoors.
  • One who understands WHAT IS OVERLANDING
  • One who is not rigid for anything.
  • One who can be part of a group.
  • Is without motion/ vehicle sickness
  • Our programs are much different than conventional routine tours those are conducted around hotels and resorts. Everything is in just enough quantity, except for food (its extra always onboard Taurus). No bell boys, we have no staff.
  • One who has the right kind of spirit and love for outdoor life or willing to experience it.
  • One who knows that there is no magic on such tours; its to take you to the right locations with basic logistical support to enjoy in the lap of Nature and then it all depends on individual’s skill and capability to enjoy life as traveller or fetch results as a photographer.

MOST IMPORTANT : Not to forget a large heart and wide open mind of a passionate human being, which are the most important ingredients for outdoor life and a good traveller. And can appreciate  efforts by others.

If participants shall extend basic courtesy and support, we shall make sure it’s a wonderful experience, WE GO EXTRA MILE.