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Taurus the Truck offer the most exclusive outdoor experiential holiday in India for travel photographers, family, kids, children, single women, honeymoon couples to romance on romantic holidays. There is no match to its campervan design, vanlife vacation, van-life holidays, caravan in wilderness to be one to with nature. Its the best overlanding, offbeat, child safe, with soft adventure, motorhome adventure holidays vacations. It offers the best family picnic as well. Its different kind of recreational (RV) vehicle in India designed by Capt Suresh Sharma and Dr Rajbir Kaur. The outfit follows the most ethical responsible sustainable tourism. It supports the locals and local economy. These are safe trips in Ladakh (Kargil, Dras, Rumtse, Hemis, Thiksey, Alchi, Saspol, Sapul, Hanuthang, Aryan Villages, Leh, Matho, Stok, Phey, Phyang), Gujarat (Kutch, Kutchh, Bhuj, Rann Festival , Rann Utsav, Dholavira).

Taurus has onboard toilet by Thetford, best two field toilets by “cleanwaste”, water filter and water pump by Shurflo, etc. Camping equipment is supplied by Decathlon.

Usually, travellers and people ask where to eat good veg vegetarian in Leh and Ladakh. Where are the best restaurants, dhaba, homestay, guest house to eat and stay.

Where can one relax and enjoy yoga and long walks in Ladakh. It provides remote area camping in secluded locations. Our locations are away from touristy crowds and in wilderness.

Taurus offers the best locations and opportunities for astrophotography. And Capt Suresh Sharma is always onboard to share the trips and tricks of photography in the field in Ladakh. He is the best guide for photo tours in Ladakh. And no escort for photo tours can match him as of now. He has tremendous knowledge.

Also, we offer all women groups, where single woman can join and single girls can join. Its for those who want solo trips. And best for cycling tours in Ladakh, especially from Manali to Leh.