Complete Mobile Camping Unit, First in India, Riverside Camp, Ladakh


India’s first Corona safe holidays, stay away from touristy crowd. Small group, only for family, couples.Taurus the truck – India’s first luxury overland truck, we call it “glamping on the move” or mobile glamping, offers the most amazing offbeat outdoor experiential holidays for families, couples, photographers. Mobile Camping on the move in total wilderness at secluded locations where nature is in abundance and plenty of tranquility and fresh air to breathe and vast space to take walks. Enjoy the best veg food (above all veg barbecue) on the river banks, next to virgin sand dunes, secluded beach at Pingleshwar in Kutch away from touristy crowds. On the banks of gurgling mountains streams in the Himalayas. It also provides the best logistics to travel photographers to shoot unlimited timelapse, light painting, milkyway, star gazing, sky watching, etc. With the best facilities for photographers, best battery and unlimited charging and lots of power available. Its the best infrastructure to explore Rajasthan (churu, taal chhappar, bikaner, khichan, jaisalmer, khuri, khaba, kuldhara, tanot, longewal, barmer, munabao, gadra, jodhpur, jaipur, desert national park, udaipur, etc). Gujarat (surat, kutchh, rann, white rann, little rann of kutch, lrk, damodra, dhordo, pingleshwar, bhuj, marine national park, wildlife, wild crocodiles, crocs, ahmedabad, rani ki vav, patan, modhera), in Himachal (barot, dadasiba, kangra, dharamshala, manali, pin valley, tirthan).

Most of our camps are at secluded locations where there are no facilities, our mobile camping unit is 5 star, high quality, luxury glamping with all modern amenities. And single women, singles girls or solo woman travellers need to worry about their safety, as the camp is always under the watchful eyes of Capt Suresh Sharma, the veteran of the Indian army. Its dream come true for women to enjoy such safe vacations. These are the best locations selected by Capt Suresh Sharma, who has 40 years of outdoor life and tourism of 29 years. These are the best curated holidays and tours by all standards in India, there is not match as of now. Unmatched for everything from equipment to the best rations and food. We best its the most hygienic camping in India, very special taken care for the safe food and most clean environment on-board this most well equipped overland truck or say caravan, mobile camping. Couples can romance in wilderness on their best romantic holidays they would have ever enejoyed and its made sure they get total privacy in wilderness to make wild love and pure rendezvous of souls, with total safety. And it offers the best valentine day vacation gift.

There can’t be anything better than this for photographers to do astrophotography, timelapse, light painting, night photography, milkyway shoots, star trails. It offers the unlimited facilities for travel photographers at hidden locations i.e. power supply for battery charging, most elaborate kitchen in wilderness away from cities and towns for hot and fresh food, tea, snacks. Ans one can have cat nap to relax while shooting to energise and all on the move. We make your journey into multiple destinations, we create exclusive destinations for you on your journey itself. Have you ever enjoyed a river camp or camping on riverbed.
Best for females, best locations, away from tourists, quiet, experiential holidays. These are soft adventure vacations at your dream locations where your soul wants to relax for a night, solo women, solo girl, outdoor, Its a camp women, girls, woman with best sanitation facilities, best curated tours.

Taurus is mix of caravan, campervan, motorhome, rv, recreational vehicle, and becomes a boutique hotel on the move. And offers the best day activity in the middle of nowhere, very special, extraordinary, absolutely exotic, at isolated places which are hidden but has all the modern facilities and amenities, And safe fo senior citizens. Where one can learn how to cook on picnic and about outdoor barbecue with Weber Barbecue Grills, Q3200 and Smokeyjoe, Weber Kettle 57. On the banks of river Indus, its the best experiential holiday/ vacation. Its a self-sustainable mobile camping unit, the best camp on the move ever made globally. Each expedition and holiday program is lead and escorted by Capt Suresh Sharma himself, to unsure the quality hospitality under his own watchful supervision.