Holidays to genuinely rejuvenate in the lap of nature, with comfort,  away from humdrums of life of concrete jungle and to produce beautiful photographs, come at a price. There always seems to be a compromise too; hotel comfort at the cost of location opportunity and/or location opportunity at the cost of hotel comfort. Why not both at the same time and place?

And remember, nothing comes free, its the participant on our programs who has to pay; whether you pay in advance or pay later at the time of expenditure.

Promotional Tariff is being offered this season in Spiti Valley, as its maiden voyage of Taurus to Spiti Valley.

Packages are available from Rs 12500 to Rs 65000 per person

  • Exact tariff for each itinerary is mentioned, based on area and route
  • Rs 4,550 onwards per person onboard Taurus for one night stay for SPITI VALLEY  is being offered this season in our static camping (when Taurus doesn’t move) Package includes   stay onboard Taurus and food from the kitchen of Taurusunless clearly specified otherwise. 
  • NEW: Stay in our Dome Tent Camp Rs 1500 per person per night with dinner and breakfast, morning evening tea.
  • Hired transport for excursions is either extra or included in some of the packages.
  • We have two tariff plans ‘all inclusive’ and ‘limited’ (with basic tariff for the basic needs), which are mentioned in ‘What is Included’ and ‘What is Not Included’ with each itinerary.
  • What is Single Supplement

We have the following Gradation of our expeditions based on tariff:

PLATINUM: These programs are all inclusive and unlimited (food, travel, tea snacks), as per the prescribed program details.

GOLD: All basic needs are taken care but with a certain limit which doesn’t cut corners on quality, we have only removed the extra frills.

SILVER: We offer programs with basic tariff and basic camp needs to ensure it fits into the budget pockets or those who like to have very basic .

Tariff has been meticulously calculated to cater for the basic needs and comforts.

Your comfort is our concern! 


Special Offers  | What is INCLUDED What is NOT Included