Introduced Camping Trailers in India – First in India

a single woman enjoying camping in wilderness at offbeat location with our caravan campervan to experience nomadic lifestyle for safe for solo girls in himachal pradesh india.

Our Camp offers special care and facilities for single women/ girls. We have introduced ‘camping trailers’ in India. The advantage is that small family can enjoy Corona safe holidays with ‘physical distancing’ (social distancing) and be independent within the camp.

India’ First Roving Camp 

Corona (COVID-19) has hit the humanity like a bolt from the blue and left lots of devastation behind, an unprecedented and unpleasant event on the planet earth. The lucky ones who survived are finding new ways to move ahead. The humanity has never been hit globally ever this badly.

Corona Pandemic has changed the style of living for humans and the ways for most businesses are conducted globally, some disappeared forever and new mushroomed. Tourism industry got hit and twisted badly in an unprecedented way and many disappeared into thin air. But those who survived the first wave of the Corona, most establishments in tourism industry started wriggling out of it. Green Dot Expeditions has been no exception and remained out of business for 2 years – why? Inspite of having the biggest Recreational Vehicle to provide holidays as a unique concept of “mobile camping” we could not operate all this while. First, it is not economically viable to operate with a group which is less than 8, then we still had apprehensions that it will be risky when there are 8 people as a mixed group onboard one single RV. After lots of planning and serious discussions to ensure we don’t put anyone at risk and lose money (which became scarce during this period). We spent extra hours to ensure that we don’t take wrong steps and lose it completely and the money which was dried to the extreme by the Corona Pandemic.

The survival instincts made us scratch our heads harder like never before and think to device new ways to survive and rescue the project around Taurus, for which we have sacrificed so much.  With hundreds of sessions of planning and careful scrutiny of every aspect of the new face of tourism in India, we have got new additions to infrastructure are in place today. Now, we have commissioned two trailers to do research and assessment of the market and then scale up the concept while considering the Indian market which is quite tricky. One of these is ‘Tear Drop Trailer’, named as ‘Praying Mantis’. It can host 2 persons with all the basic comforts i.e. storage, sleeping arrangements, kitchenette, etc. It’s a fully evolved concept in the West but Indians are waking up for such things only after Corona made it difficult to go on holidays and caravaning went skywards like a rocket all over the world. But in India it’s still at a nascent stage and it’s very expensive to build a caravan and tough equation of ROI (return on investment). People in India are still not able to appreciate the concept of caravaning and its benefits, it will need time to grow in India. Those who can sustain with inhouse resources will survive but those who want to make it the only business activity may be taking risk of shutting it soon because of poor ROI. So, be careful if its a business plan and that too your first business activity.  Our advice is don’t just jump into it for business unless you have money to sustain for longer period. Yes you can spend any amount if a caravan is being built for self only.

You must take advice from those who have experience in this field and any consultation paid will be worth every penny, as this will save your money by saving wastage and wrong decisions when designing and fabrication starts. Though it needs courage and vision to pay consultation fee upfront for caravan in India.

<img src="tear drop trailer soft adventure india.jpeg" alt="teardrop trailer offbeat locations with caravan RV recreational vehicle with campervan nomadic experience himachal pradesh">

Tear Drop Trailer named as “Praying Mantis” is well equipped to host two guests. It has 3 inches mattress and own kitchenette, complete arrangement to sleep.

<img src="tear drop trailer design fabrication himachal india.jpeg" alt="teardrop trailer design fabrication nomadic experience family holidays himachal pradesh">

Tear Drop Trailer being painted.

Chassis being fabricated for the trailer

Our Team Leader – Capt Suresh Sharma – loves working with his own hands. Painting the trailer now.

Chirag Sharma – the youngest team member of the Design & Fabrication team.

Praying Mantis being fine tuned.

Carpenters working on a trailer

The surface of the body of Praying Mantis (Tear Drop) is getting ready for the primer coat.


locations nomadic family holidays with campervan pong dam himachal pradesh">

Camping Trailers offer the most amazing outdoor offbeat experiential holidays.

Trailer deployed on the banks of the reservoir of Pong Dam in Himachal Pradesh, India

Tear Drop Trailer (named as Praying Mantis) is the most comfortable compact unit for outdoor holiday with lots of comforts. It has sleeping arrangements and well equipped kitchenette.

Pet Friendly caravan camping and the best in India.

Camping Trailer towed with a tractor to change locations.

<img src="pong dam caravan campervan himachal pradesh holidays.jpeg" alt="pong dam caravan motorhome campervan in himachal for offbeat outdoor nomadic camp corona safe holiday social distancing">

Tear Drop Trailer deployed to host guests on the banks of Pong Dam reservoir.