Taurus at Dusk


  • Arrive at the camp hosted by Taurus near Samatra village in wilderness, 25 kms from Bhuj city. The village has Patels and Rabaris who make majority of  the population.We serve you welcome drink, tea/ coffee or the famous Chhaacch (the buttermilk) also known as Kutchi Beer.
  • Your holiday, is basically to relax, unwind, reboot to rejuvenate and not to explore destinations.
  • Relax, stroll and explore wilderness, watch the crocodiles basking and enjoying nature and living in harmony with nature, you may play soft field games, croquet, golf putting mat, table games, etc.
  • Enjoy your meal from the most well equipped field kitchen, unmatched infrastructure.
  • If you love your evening tea, then we bet its an experience worth bragging when you go back home. A warm and fresh cup of tea of your choice in wilderness setting while watching wildlife is unique.
  • Enjoy a bowl of hot soup from the kitchen of Taurus.
  • Indian vegetarian homely dinner is served in wilderness.
  • Night stay onboard Taurus as per the given accommodation for 4 on twin sharing basis, 4 on single occupancy.
  • Morning tea onboard Taurus is a ritual, lifetime experience.
  • Indian veg breakfast with one egg preparation is served with tea or coffee.
  • Check out after leisurely breakfast with bag full of memories some captured with your cameras for story telling when you reach home.

Group Size: 4 to 8 persons. Even one person may be hosted, tariff will be different in that case.

Tariff: Rs 6800 per person for 2 days/ 1 night, if group is of 4 or more. Call/ WhatsApp +91-9888 380386, +91-6280 595008

OUR LOCATION: As per Google Maps

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Guests enjoying with Taurus in wilderness

Guests enjoying watching crocodiles in wilderness

Samatra Village Lake with huge banyan trees, worth a visit