Itinerary in detail-RJ-5

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  • ROAD: Barmer is well connected by good roads from Jodhpur (200 kms) and Ahmedabad (420 kms).
  • TRAIN: Barmer gets trains from Delhi, Chandigarh and Jodhpur. Once a week from Ahmedabad.
  • AIR: Nearest airports are Jodhpur, Udaipur and Ahmedabad.


Following Terms & Conditions are applicable to the RJ-5. More details about Terms & Conditions. In case of any doubt or clarifications, please send all your questions in one mail.

TARIFF:  Rs 34,500 per person +GST.  Please check the link for details on tariff.


only the following are included in the package, rest everything is NOT included.  Also, please check more details which are common and applicable to all expeditions.

  1. One Camel Safari to witness sunset
  2. One Cultural program at a camp or resort at Khuri
  3. The services of Taurus will be available from Barmer to Jaisalmer.
  4. Pick up and drop if 4 or more arriving together (from only railway station to Taurus).
  5. All three veg homely meals as buffet (including morning and evening tea with biscuits) onboard Taurus. Field lunch (Veg) while travelling (from the kitchen of Taurus or roadside Dhaba), without any beverages. If anyone opts for non-veg at such stops, then its to be paid by the participant directly to the establishment.
  6. Taurus as transport for the itinerary to travel from point to point.
  7. Stay onboard Taurus as per the accommodation available on rotational basis and sleeping bags provided by us.
  8. Filtered Water, please bring your own bottles to refill

Please explore the following links to know more details.

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