Nomadic Romance in Wilderness

Boat in the lake water, to relax while angling or photo session with your soulmate

Program Code:  DS-04 

Himachal is the land of Nature where  romance too blooms!

It’s best to walk hand in hand on the stream beds, through the woods, birds chirping, listening to the whooshing of breeze through woods, watch ripples over the vast surface water, to witness moonlit night or billion stars studded sky to gaze milky-way at its best; it’s an experience to which we add lots value and ensure it’s a lifetime experience for both of you. We make you witness nature at its best, with comfort. It’s new kind of blend, which can’t be described in words, needs to be tasted.

Romance with beloved inspires the most beautiful gestures. Love makes us starry-eyed; it makes us swoon. It makes us want to write sonnets and dance until dawn. It makes us do things that other people might even think are a little crazy (only lovers understand this language). Taurus and its locations shall inspire you for some of the most beautiful and romantic words. That’s why we have discovered the most romantic locations closer to Chandigarh where you celebrate your Love!  Time shall stop for you! … On a romantic holiday of this kind, the only thing you need is your soul-partner. And lovers love quiet and calm places where there is total peace. Neither of us likes being in busy places; you would much rather stay in a quieter place in a small tent and enjoy each other’s company.

Romance is created by the feeling that you are genuinely cared about. All romance has one thing in common; it must show the other person that you care enough to find out what is meaningful to them. And we at Green Dot Expeditions shall create an atmosphere and set stage to bloom your romance …

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Taurus India’s First Luxury Overland Truck Offers Vanlife Campervan Holidays

NEW ARRIVAL … “Tear Drop Trailer” 

We are pioneers in caravan holidays in India and we are the first one to build and offer Overland Truck in India. Now, we are introducing Tear Drop Trailers – totally new to India, though very well known and used in the West. It’s a small trailer which is towed behind a vehicle (tractor, jeep, SUV), has place for 2 to sleep inside and has a small kitchen.

NEW ARRIVAL … we have added Tear Drop Trailers to our unique infrastructure. ALWAYS first for innovative ideas… it will be available for our guests from October 2021.

Taurus offers romantic getaways in the lap of nature …learn the art of falling in love once again and again …


Walk on the riverbed along the gurgling blue water
Spend a night under the billion stars sky
While whispering poetry for your beloved
Romance under the light of moon
See the moon in the eyes of your beloved
Only lucky few souls to experience the spiritual journey
Which such environs offer,
Taste the breath of fresh air heaven for your lungs
An experience beyond your words
Impossible for camera to share
The life everyone dreams, but remains elusive for the most…
Taurus and its crew shall ensure
You and your soul dance
To the rhythms and Tunes of Nature
You never heard
Romance over a cup of tea in such a location … never experienced anyone
Rejuvenate your romance like never before …
It’s this romance which binds you together forever!

Relax to spend quality time together


Romance Thy Soulmate in The Lap of Nature

Your dream is about to become a reality onboard Taurus. We make your time with your love a memorable experience,  we will play cupid to make your romantic holiday the best ever!
Makes a bonding to take your love life to the infinity !
Group Size: 1 to 4 couples
Duration: You may spend a day or more, its your wish.
Call or WhatsApp +91-9888 380386. +91-6280 595008

Our infrastructure which is VERY SPECIAL indeed, and carefully put together, is meant to organise a royal treat in wilderness while taking care of all those nagging issues of logistics, especially to spend time where your soul wishes but there are prohibitive constraints.

  • We offer convertible sofa cum bed on roof top of Taurus, with complete privacy.
  • We may organise a special photo session.
  • Comfortable chairs to relax on the banks of the water, to enjoy tea together.
  • How about “Jungle Shower” with cover from all sides, with top open to feel the nature together, to sprout fantasies for everlasting bonding.
  • Kitchen of Taurus will be available round the clock for food and tea as per the program offered.

Isn’t that anyone one’s dream and its niche romantic holidays.

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We organise the best romantic holidays for couples, to believe you need to join once. Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination

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Enjoy the Dusk at the Lake for one of the best sunsets in Himachal Pradesh

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These locations are catalyst for Romance …