Giving your family the exclusive time and attention that they need from your busy and fast life, always seems like a dream….not anymore! Taurus provides you with all the infrastructure and resources to offer your family on a holiday experience in the lap of nature, which is pure and raw.

Taurus is for group of friends who wish to be away from the humdrum and celebrate “reunion” of their school/ college days or army coursemates wish to relive their days spent together which bonded them together for life.

We will host you with your family and friends in a royal way, in complete sync with mother nature.

Let’s celebrate life !!!

Taurus at Sunset, Dadasiba


  • 2 nights/ 3 days onboard Taurus The Truck
  • Max 8 to 10 persons
  • Local cuisine
  • Enjoy best outdoor holidays in unique style
  • Experience aristocratic nomadic lifestyle.
  • Rendezvous with Nature
  • Rural Himachal Pradesh
  • Best place for meditation.
  • Best fresh air for Pranayam.
  • Most suitable location for light exercises and Yoga.
  • “Gharraat” – working “water flour mill”  – ancient technology still in working condition.
  • Experience vastness of open space
  • Tranquility and freshness


  1. Play light games together.
  2. Play table games.
  3. Croquet – a  field game
  4. Play with golf putting mat.
  5. You may do light exercises, Yoga, especially Pranayam (best fresh air to breathe).
  6. Enjoy cooking with the unique kitchen in wilderness, share your tips and recipes.
  7. Take a stroll in open and fresh air which is denied by your city life.
  8. You may bring your own items for your entertainment.
  9. You may go out for short excursions, if you have your own transport.


The kitchen is equipped to the best for the outdoors, in India. It will be available to our guests as per the program and the package.

  1. Morning evening tea with biscuits and cookies
  2. Indian homely veg food for lunch.
  3. Evening tea with hot snacks, if weather permits being outdoors.
  4. Indian veg homely food for dinner, if there is a group 4 or more then we may organise and offer non-veg meal.


Day 1Day 2Day 3


  1. Indian veg homely food and stay onboard Taurus, as per the facilities available on board.
  2. Morning/ evening tea.
  3. Jungle Shower (only for early birds)
  4. If your booking is done much in advance we may organise a meal of local Himachali cuisine.
  5. Camping Equipment as per availability


  1. Journey from home to Dadasiba and back home.
  2. Stay in a hotel, reasons could be any.
  3. Pick up and drop in case you are travelling by bus.
  4. Guides, escorts, porters
  5. Non-veg food and meals outside Taurus can be organised on firm demand as extra.
  6. Anything consumed/ eaten at any restaurant/ dhaba
  7. Transport for any kind of local excursions, sightseeing or visits.
  8. Beverages and bottled water.
  9. Entry fee to any kind of property or tourist attraction.
  10. Anything which is not mentioned in the list WHAT IS INCLUDED.


The tariff for this holiday depends on whether you want to spend frost two nights in the heritage hotel or not. Please call or WhatsApp +91-9888 380386, +91-6280 59500


The following activities are available on extra demand, which is not included in the tariff/ package, basically to let you exercise your choice and save your money for the activities/ facilities which you may not avail at all.

  • Jungle Safari
  • Jungle Lunch/ Picnic
  • Jungle Shower
  • Visit to a working “gharraat” a flour mill with ancient technology.
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Taurus on the banks of Maharana Pratap Sagar, atmosphere filled with Tranquility & Freshness