Dadasiba Himachal Pradesh

During the days of its utmost glory, Dadasiba was a small princely state under the tutelage of
Kangra’s ruling dynasty. At the turn of 19 th Century, Raja Ram Singh was at the helm of affairs. An
aristocrat with a great sense of aesthetics and sophisticated tastes, he got a palace and a Radha
Krishna temple built on a hilltop. A medley of themes went into creating murals that defy time
and are a huge attraction for visitors – both domestic and international. The temple also serves
as a custodian of famous Kangra paintings that cover its interiors. Time, however, changes
everything. The palace today is in dilapidated condition even though it has remained occupied by
the descendants of Raja throughout its existence of that very spot.

Dadasiba, with its glory long gone past, drifted into oblivion at some point of time. It would have
remained obscure but for our sincere efforts to ensure that such a heritage doesn’t simply melt
into the abyss of time. We are doing our bit by letting our potential guests know and then
discover this little gem of a place by being our guests. We offer Dadasiba as a package of a sort where guests shall be at liberty to explore nature, enjoy outdoor life and indulge in some very intimate romantic moments under open skies.

The icing on the cake is the pleasant fact that the niche is just about three hours’ drive from
Chandigarh/Ludhiana and areas around. The roads are good and absolutely safe to drive on with
no possibility of landslides and such like weather-related interruptions.

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