Itinerary RJ-7

Taurus anchored near Unexplored Sand Dunes

A Family enjoying the morning view of Khaba Village at Sunrise


Day 1: Drive to Tanot

Meet the crew of Taurus at 10 AM at a designated place in Jaisalmer and from there we drive to Tanot. It’s nice two hour drive through the Thar Desert. Spending the night onboard Taurus in rural and absolutely quiet location would be an out of this world experience for first timers.

NOTE: If you are first-time visitor to Jaisalmer, then you may plan your stay for an extra day or two under your own arrangements, it will be easy and cheaper; though we can help you to negotiate the actual cost which you pay directly.

Camel Ride on Sand Dunes

Khaba Fort with Peacocks.

Day 2: A visit to Longewala & Khaba

After leisurely breakfast on TAURUS, we visit Tanot Mata Temple  and from there,  drive 38 kms to Longewala (the famous battle field of India). After a field lunch, Taurus will drive you on narrow rural roads through small villages to  Khaba. You will be offered a unique setting with a commanding view of the vast landscape over the village dotted with windmills on the far horizon.  It’s the best view of rural India where life still is a century old. One can witness a herd of more than 100 camels which often comes to drink water at a water point. Night stay onboard Taurus at Khaba.

Day 3:  Reach Khuri

Bask in the beauty of the sunrise at Khaba through the mist of amazing fresh environment of rural India. And admiring the beautiful vast rural landscape through the swirl of steam from your cup of tea is an experience only your soul can experience.

Visit the Khaba Fort and move around the village of Khaba and after having a relaxed healthy breakfast in the open location, Taurus starts an exhilarating journey through the winding narrow rural roads, encountering herds of camels, sheep and goats on our way.

Watching the sun go down in Khuri will leave you in awe of this calm and quiet place. We satisfy our rumbling stomachs with yummy Rajasthani cuisine and a musical program by the folk artists of  Kalbeliyas (local tribe) at a resort or camp.

Taurus anchors just outside Khuri for the night stay.

Day 4: Spend the day in Khuri

Taurus offers amazing places, untouched by the tourist crowd.

A lazy morning with a relaxed cup of tea/ coffee,  leisurely breakfast, just wandering around Khuri is worth every minute and penny! It offers aplenty for everyone i.e. traveller, explorers, photographer, etc. The day is spent idling, partaking of authentic Rajasthani meals, witnessing sunrise and sunset from the sand dunes. If you are interested in birdwatching or wildlife in general, Khuri offers vantage points to watch the Demoiselle cranes or the Great Indian Bustard.

Watching the star-studded sky at night, will turn even the heartless into a poet. Night onboard Taurus offers an ideal setting to star gaze.

OPTIONAL: Extra camel rides can be organized at extra fee.

Day 5: Munabao – the border village

Munabao Railway Station – last Frontier of the Indian Railways!

Enjoying a steaming cup of tea in the delight of such locations and the warmth of Taurus while the sun rises may turn you poetic and desire to live like a ‘free bird’ by dismantling the shackles of materialistic world!

Munabao Railway Platform

After early breakfast, Taurus sets its bearings to Munabao. Taurus is all set to take you on an exhilarating drive on BORDER ROAD (hugging the border) 130 kms to Munabao, not everyone gets a chance to tread this border road hugging the Indo-Pak border.  Munabao is right on the Indo-Pak border. The eerie drive will surprise you as there is hardly any traffic or habitation on this road. The road from Khuri to Barmer of 252 kms has no infrastructure for tourists.  On this stretch, we will come across the simplest true Indians who are full of care and warmth. It’s a road which you wouldn’t have imagined! We will also come across sand-dunes which have never been touched by tourists other than explorers. Only a few get to tread this border road hugging the Indo-Pak border, as its devoid of infrastructure to support touristy activities.

On arrival at Munabao, we will visit the border post to ‘meet and greet’ the soldiers and to express our gratitude. Visiting any ‘border post’ is a unique encounter and you experience adrenalin surge and our respect increases manyfolds for the soldiers who guard our border 24×7 under harsh conditions while we sleep in peace. You will be in awe to see even basics are of life are abysmally scanty at such locations. Our brave soldiers give their sleep for our sleep, it’s here you experience patriotism first-hand.

We bet no one can offer this experience, especially in homely comfort, other than Taurus.

Night stay at onboard Taurus somewhere in the middle of nowhere!

Day 6:  Reach Barmer

After a leisurely breakfast, Taurus winds up for a wonderful drive to Barmer offering glimpses of rural India at its best. A short

Kiradu Temple 45 kms from Barmer

halt at Gadra to buy the world famous ‘Laddoos of Gadra’ and we continue our drive to Barmer and stay outside Barmer on-board Taurus. Visit Kiradu Temples in ruins.

Day 7: Its time to say goodbye to Taurus with dreams to be onboard in Ladakh.

Early morning board train to Jodhpur.


Terms & Conditions are applicable to the program RJ-7.

In case of any doubt or clarifications, please send all your questions in one single mail only.

TARIFF:  Rs 41,400 + GST per person.  Please check the link for details on tariff.


Only the following are included in the package, rest everything is NOT included.

  • All three veg homely meals as buffet (including morning and evening tea with biscuits) onboard Taurus. Field lunch (Veg) while travelling (from the kitchen of Taurus or roadside Dhaba), without any beverages. If anyone opts for non-veg at such stops, then its to be paid by the participant directly to the establishment.
  • Taurus to travel all onboard for the itinerary.
  • Stay onboard Taurus as per the accommodation available on rotational basis and sleeping bags provided by us.
  • Filtered Water, please bring your own bottles to refill


Anything which is not mentioned in the list of WHAT IS INCLUDED. Also, please refer to the following links.

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