India’s ‘ONLY’ Luxury Overland Truck for Best Outdoor Experience …

<img src="overland truck caravan camp riverbank ladakh.jpeg" alt="taurus overlanding caravan mobile camp on the riverbed offers best offbeat family holidays, romantic vacations, secluded exclusive location away from tourists india"> 

Taurus on the banks of River Indus, Ladakh. We offer the best overlanding holidays in India, hosted by the best recreational vehicle (RV), hybrid of caravan, campervan, motorhome, to experience the most exciting vanlife outdoor family holidays

An Innovative way to travel the magnificent parts of India & capture it’s beauty with your cameras…

Green Dot Expeditions has brought a new concept in the Indian tourism industry! We are offering the best logistical support that one needs for outdoor travel to explore nature, culture, and outdoor photography!

It has been a long pending dream of all outdoor travellers and photographers, to travel and photograph Indian culture and its colours, in some degree of comfort and all the logistical needs taken care by seasoned and passionate professionals.

Green Dot Expeditions has been conceptualised and steered by experts who have been hard-core outdoor travellers and trendsetters (they have logged 165,000 kms in their self-made caravan in India, unparalleled fete for an Indian ), photographers and wildlife experts (those who have globe trotted in pursuit of new species).

TAURUS is India’s first overland truck, a hybrid RV(recreational vehicle) with features of caravan, caravan, motorhome to enjoy the most exciting vanlife in India while enjoying the best overlanding expedition vehicle in lesser known areas. It’s the most hygienic camping  on the move in India.

Who else can understand the requirements of passionate travellers and camera buffs!

Holidays We offer 


<img src="camp in wilderness.jpeg" alt=" luxury offnbeat unique night experience of private sunrise by overlanding camp holiday away from tourists to relax unwind quiet place">  

Taurus Camping in Spituk Village Ladakh, the best campervan camping on riverbanks in Ladakh, India.

<img src="caravan offbeat motorhome bera rajasthan.jpeg" alt="caravan campervan overlanding expedition vehicle taurus camping at jawai dam lake at bera for wildlife photo tours vacations to relax rejuvenate in quiet location rajasthan india">    

Taurus anchored at Bera in Rajasthan to offer the best vanlife experiential holidays, hosted as the most well equipped RV (recreational vehicle) which is hybrid overland truck with features of motorhome, caravan and campervan

<img src="experiential camp secluded locations.jpeg" alt="offbeat overlanding riverside caravan camp best for family, solo woman, all women groups, single girl, to relax, rejuvenate with nature, secluded camp locations, best veg food"> 

Taurus India’s First Luxury Overland Truck Offers Vanlife Campervan Holidays

<img src="riverside camping.jpeg" alt="offbeat overlanding riverside caravan camp for family, all women groups, single girls, to relax, rejuvenate with nature, secluded quiet peaceful camp locations, best veg food">  

Taurus Luxury Overland Truck Offering Outdoor Holidays on the banks of the River Indus

<img src="riverside caravan motorhome camping.jpeg" alt="motorhome offbeat campervan overlanding riverside caravan camp for photographers family, all women groups, single girls, to relax, rejuvenate with nature, secluded quiet peaceful camp location, best veg food india">  

India’s best mobile camping as new concept to enjoy vanlife in the lap of Nature. Taurus is the best RV (recreational vehicle) in India, its a hybrid overland truck of caravan, campervan, motorhome – to offer the best vanlife in India.

<img src="caravan holidays in desert as motorhome.jpeg" alt="caravan campervan motorhome thar desert pristine virgin sand dunes with all amenities of luxury camp family holidays away from sam sand dunes best day activity jaisalmer rajasthan india">   

Taurus anchored at the secluded Sands Dunes of Tanot in rural Rajasthan. Its the best experience of vanlife with features of motorhome, caravan campervan. This makes it a new concept in India as ‘mobile camping’.