New Concept in India – LUXURY OVERLAND TRUCK

Taurus on the banks of River Indus, Ladakh.

Taurus on the banks of River Indus, Ladakh.

1st Time Ever in India – Indigenous 

Green Dot Expeditions has introduced a new concept in the Indian tourism and photography industry!

We are offering the best logistical support that one needs for outdoor travel and outdoor photography! The most innovative way to travel the magnificent parts of India & explore its cultural treasures with your cameras.

It has been a long pending dream of all outdoor travellers and photographers, to travel and photograph Indian culture and its colours, in some degree of comfort of a SELF-CONTAINED VEHICLE and all the logistical needs taken care by professionals, so one could utilise the time to get maximum output with FLEXIBILITY & FREEDOM.
Taurus and Capt. giris photo Panorama S

Green Dot Expeditions has been conceptualised and steered by experts who have been hard-core outdoor travellers (they have logged 125,000 kms in their self-made caravan in India, unparalleled fete for an Indian ), photographers and wildlife experts (those who have globe trotted in pursuit of new species).

Who else can understand the requirements of passionate travellers and camera buffs!

Pashmina Sheep near Upshi in Ladakh

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