• At the time of the booking of your tour, you are requested to pay 100% of the total cost of the tariff. And must understand about this concept in detail and NEVER book our program with having any gray areas or doubts about facilities and limitations. Please ensure you don’t come with out of proportion perceptions, assumptions and expectations which are out of proportion. We insist that please understand this an outdoor activity and can not be compared with static camping, resort, hotel or restaurant for its food, sleeping and any other comforts. But at the same time it offers a different kind of experience for those souls who love outdoor life.


If your circumstances change and the payment has been made in full for the booking of your tour, should you decide to cancel your tour at any stage, we have a policy with following points.

  • First, you may consider opting for another tour (only if seats are available), in that case you lose no money  (only basic handling charges shall be deducted). This option is available 60 days before the commencement of the tour.
  • 50% is deducted if you wish to cancel between 60 days before the commencement of your expedition.
  • After 60 days there is no refund.
  • After a confirmed cancellation (verbal or written), one has to do fresh bookings, in case. And the fresh bookings shall be as per the tariff for that particular program which is being sought for booking, there shall be no reference to the previous tariff in any case.
  • ‘No show’ on the first day without prior intimation, tour shall be deemed as `travelled’ and no refund shall be made and no adjustment for the next booking.
  • In case one wishes to board the Taurus on a later date, with prior intimation, than the start point, one shall have to make own arrangements to catch up and we shall not hold back the expedition at any point to cause any delays.
  • There shall be no refund or adjustment of tariff for no show, for any portion of the tour not done, vacating seat before time for any reasons.

What is Included

  • We design our tours to be highly inclusive, while still making it possible for you to exercise some personal preferences.
  • Tariff includes all the basic essentials – accommodation and food, onboard.
  •  Vegetarian 3 meals  (shall serve eggs), morning/ evening tea with biscuits and cookies, occasionally hot snacks with evening tea, all three meals, for the entire itinerary, unless it is specified.
  • Our own vehicle Taurus as surface transport.
  • Stay on board Taurus for the whole duration.
  • Any other mode of transport or accommodation needed for any reasons, it shall be extra to be paid by the participants, in cash or digital payment in advance.
  • We leave some room for the non-veg to explore on their own or to enjoy a meal or two away from the group, to be paid by individuals.
  • Filter safe water for the trips. Branded bottled water to be bought as extra by individuals, if preferred. This has been done to prevent wastage of water and menace of plastic bottles.
  • Transfer as one group, on arrival from railways station/ airport  to the Hide (place of camping for night stay onboard Taurus) at the start destination.
  • Surface transport from the place of origin of the itinerary and end point of the itinerary mentioned.

NOT Included

  • Air travel or train journey or surface transport from the place of your residence to the start point of the itinerary and homeward journey by any means of transport.
  • If arriving as individual (not as a group), shall be charged extra for the taxi.
  • Hotel, resort, guest rooms stay.
  • Telephone, internet, postage of any kind.
  • Any extra meals/ eatables consumed at private/ commercial places on your own.
  • Entry ticket to any kind of place i.e. monument, private property, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, etc.
  • Any kind of rides i.e. elephant, toy train, boat, camel, etc.
  • Hiring of any kind of model for a photo-shoot.
  • Tipping of crew and or staff of other establishments.
  • Insurance of all kinds.


Our endeavour is to provide you healthy vegetarian food to keep you energised for the photography and outdoors. But one must consider that these are `outdoor’ meals cooked `on the move’ (not a static kitchen of a static camp or a resort). We shall do our best to provide you good vegetarian food for outdoors on the move. Since we operate in rural India, procurement of healthy meat may be quite tricky and difficult, so considering the health hazard involved, we decided to serve only vegetarian food on our tours.


These photo expeditions and tours are for those who understand the following

  • Its 100% outdoor activity.
  • One needs to sleep early and be early riser as well to enjoy this kind of activity.
  • There shall be no scope of anykind of adjustment for late dinner and late start in the morning.
  • Its no luxury, but yes, its very comfortable and comparable to 5 Star for those who know what is outdoor life.
  • We have no Bell Boys to assist onboard. Its SELF SERVICE for everything, other than food.
  • Liquor consumption is a big NO, considering its legal aspects for which we shall need to get `liquor permits’ for each state of our operations. Its hazardous for the outdoor life and living onboard a vehicle. It can be a safety hazard for participants, there are 7 ladders on the vehicle. It can cause discomfort to others, as there are no separate rooms, here everyone is in a tent and in very close proximity.
  • We at Green Dot Expeditions are coordinators of your logistics; appropriate  respect to be extended  by the participants to the Crew.
  • Green Dot Expeditions supports nature conservation project KNOW ABOUT SNAKES & SNAKEBITE.
  • We shall try to be as eco friendly as possible, please co-operate for the effort.
  • Participants are requested to handle their own activities, baggage and personal equipment themselves. The Taurus  is not operated like a hotel, its an outdoor activity on the move.
  • No personal servant or assistant of any participant is accommodated on our tours, unless the participant pays full tariff of the tour and book as an extra seat.
  • If you wish you may extend your help to the crew for any chores. Participation in routine activities shall be appreciated.
  • Itinerary can be changed at any time and place, basically to make the tour better and not for short cuts.
  • Damage to any kind of property onboard the Taurus is payable by the participant.
  • Tipping : No individual tipping to anyone of our crew.


  • Our expeditions are outdoor activity which shall  be in cold weather conditions and may be in mountains in cold weather (summer season) where we shall be away from any medical help, by few hours. Please get yourself screened by a doctor and conduct some basic and important medical tests. In case,  anyone has some medical issue and one knows that one needs medication often, we suggest you stay back, please.
  • In case, a sudden medical help is needed; we shall do our best to organise evacuation. But the bill for evacuation, medicines and doctor are to be paid by the individuals. We shall need an undertaking for this before boarding the expedition.
  • Please carry your personal medicines for road journey i.e prevention of vomiting in mountain journey, some can not take the winding roads.
  • We shall carry `first aid kit’ .
  • PLEASE NOTE A mail containing details of preparation needed and packing of your bags for the expedition shall be sent soon after your booking is confirmed. These terms and conditions could also change without making any prior announcements here. 

NOTE: In case of any dispute arising out of any acts of any parties for business with Green Dot Expeditions, the court of law jurisdiction shall be Panchkula/ Chandigarh.