1. Booking is 100% confirmed against 100% advance payment as per the dates mentioned with programs and itineraries, either through e-mails or mentioned with each itinerary.
  2. We also offer EMIs  if booking is done 4 months before the commencement of the expedition, you may pay 25% and 3 EMIs through advance checks (terms apply) or a bank guarantee.
  3. If the time for the commencement of your expedition is less than 4 months, you have to pay 100% of the total cost of the tariff as retainership fee, non refundable under all circumstances.
  4. And must understand about this concept in detail before booking our program.
  5. Please read  PRE-BOOKING INFORMATION  carefully to ensure you don’t come with skewed perceptions, assumptions and your own expectations which are outside the purview of our stipulated terms.

We insist that please understand this is an outdoor activity and can not be compared with static camping, resort, hotel or restaurant for its food, sleeping and any other comforts. But at the same time it offers a different kind of experience for those souls who love outdoor life and its a luxury for outdoor experience in nomadic style.

If after booking your circumstances change and need to change your plans with us, we have

Cancellation Policy
What is Included   /  What is NOT Included



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