Wg Cdr Jatinderpal Joshi

“I was on the first trial, test and recce trip on Taurus from Chandigarh, through Churu, Taal Chhapar and finally Pushkar. Some thoughts that come to me now after the successful first trip of Taurus. Planning to go on a photo mission to inaccessible, and unexplored places? The logistics of the mission would be daunting, if one thinks about it. Transportation – own vehicle or public transportation, booking of accommodation, food, security while travelling, etc. etc. and then questions like, ‘what if I can’t reach the hotel on due date’; ‘what if I need to change my itinerary’; ‘how many places can I visit in one trip’; ‘how do I find the places’; ‘what if I like a place and want to stay longer’, etc. etc. My recent experience of being onboard Taurus tells me that Taurus gives one an option of a single point of contact for answers to all of the above questions, and maybe more. Just call CaptSuresh Sharma, your friend, philosopher and guide for the trip and everything would be looked after, as best as it possibly can for a nomadic lifestyle photography trip to unexplored, and routinely inaccessible places. Good luck and happy hunting for digital treasures.”