Sathya Vagale

“It was nice to be on TAURUS on its Inaugural trip to Pushkar, Jaisalmer, and the rugged desert of Rajasthan to places such as Tanot, Longewala, Ghotaru…..places of intense rustic beauty. TAURUS was nice to travel in and comfortable. We enjoyed the flexibility of moving to any nearby location, at will…. ….which we wouldnt have been able to do, if we were staying in hotels or resorts. Cpt. Suresh Sharma is good company and a good cook. He also drives the TAURUS with the same ease as driving a Maruti 800……..on the whole, a very enjoyable nomadic, adventurous trip with Cpt.Sharma and TAURUS. Looking forward to doing more such trips in the near future. !!!!!!”