Sajid Aboobaker

Exploring Kashmir and Ladakh was my long time dream. When Capt. Suresh Sharma came up with the idea of Taurus and Green dot expedition, for me this was the best opportunity to take up the chance. I witnessed the making of Taurus in different stages, which assured its toughness and comfort. For me Taurus is a pride for its look and comfort. Good enough for a photographer like me to explore the remote areas where u can camp and fulfill ur dreams. Capt. being an experienced photographer and an Ex military person was a boon to the whole show. I got amble opportunities to try on flash photography and every word of his advice helped me out of trouble. The result was simply superb. Came out with stunning shots which i could nt have managed all alone. One thing what i liked most was his commitment to his words. I found the trip the best outdoor photography trip so far done.I would recommend Taurus and Green Dot Expedition to serious photography enthusiasts who got the steel in them to explore and to adjust with nature to bag the great shots.