Purnendu & Ekta

“We were on board Taurus on our maiden trip to Laddakh this August. Though it was our first experience of an overland truck as well as the terrain in this regions, looking back I can vouch that we made the right choice in joining the tour with Green Dot Expeditions and Capt Suresh Sharma. Let me start by talking about how meticulously Taurus is planned. Every bit of space is utilized to store water, biscuits, cereals, numerous varieties of tea, pickles, kitchen items like gas, utensils , tap even small items like sewing kits. You name something you need and it will be available. It was totally mind boggling !

Even the itinerary was planned closely by Capt. We stopped at the most exotic locations. The bad weather conditions could not dampen our fun as Green Dots was always prepared with back up places to stay. Staying on board was what we enjoyed the most. Tents were spacious and the sleeping bag equipped to sustain the cold. Along with the stay, food was the second highlight. The fully equipped kitchen could get functional anywhere we stopped.

The thing which is not visible is the personal touch that Capt Suresh, Negi Bhaiya and Driver Ashraf bhaiya brought with them. They were there to help us with anything and everything. Even when our flights got cancelled, Capt. Saw to it that we safely reached a nice hotel and our stay was comfortable.

Packages tours like this are rare, where you needn’t worry about the destination and can enjoy as you travel. We did miss some of the major destinations in Ladakkh due to bad weather but Taurus made sure that we made the most of this time. We went to remotely located villages and meet the locals which we couldn’t have imagined doing on our own!”