Monica Kaushik

“It was a blind date with Taurus and had all the elements of surprise which made this trip so different and unique. For me the exciting part was to be on the maiden journey of Taurus; the first of its kind in India. Taurus is a dream which has come true due to the determination, hard work, vision and sheer will of Capt. Sharma and his family. I was on this trip for 10 days and enjoyed every single minute. The places we visited, people we met and above all the experience we had; are the treasures to cherish. Taurus is comfortable modern land truck and have all the facilities and amenities to make an outdoor experience safe and memorable. As this was a Test Trip not a commercial one so we had the flexibility and freedom to go anywhere our hearts desired. Every day started on a positive note and I used to look forward to the surprise. The locales are out of the world and I saw a world which I never imagined existed – beautiful, raw and just so amazing. I clicked over 500 pictures even though I am not into professional photography which says a lot about the places we visited. I also got to enjoy the warm hospitality of INDIAN ARMY and BSF and got a chance to have a glimpse of the life of our soldiers and it was a big eye opener for me. My respect and gratitude have increased for our real heroes thousand times over. Captain Sharma is a wise, kind and caring man and I was lucky to have the opportunity to talk to him and have learnt a lot from his life. He has deeply inspired me and given me the reassurance that – DREAMS DO COME TRUE. We just need to have faith and courage to pursue them. I will cherish this trip forever and look forward to go on many more trips with Taurus and Capt Sharma. Its not about the places so much but about the people you meet and things you learn about life, which makes any travel wonderful and that is what I have experienced. My sincere wishes are and will always be with capt. Sharma and Taurus. God Bless.” Love Monica